Beijing Campus

Lower Secondary

The YWIES Beijing Lower Secondary Programme builds on the skills and knowledge developed within the Primary Programme, while offering students the opportunity to explore individual areas in greater depth. It develops students’ confidence and grows their awareness of their own individual learning styles and capabilities, so they may not only make the most of their academic potential, but may also make informed ethical and responsible life choices.


  • Integrated Curriculum

    YWIES Beijing’s Lower Secondary Programme is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on China National Curriculum and integrates with the best principles and practices of Western education. Our flexible approach emphasises the development of the key skills of critical thinking, creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Throughout the programme students acquire appropriate knowledge and skills in structured ways that are meaningful to them. They also continue to develop their understanding of different approaches to learning and how they may be appropriately applied.

    Furthermore, our approach fully prepares our students for the demands of external assessments, whether in China or abroad, meaning they may proceed confidently to further studies in either local or international programmes.

  • Cultural Enrichment

    Lower Secondary aged students are actively supported as they learn to respect and celebrate cultural diversity, and to become globally aware and responsible citizens. Through local initiatives and the foundation-wide Seeds of Hope programme, we also reinforce the importance of acts of service to the community.

  • Language Immersion Environment

    YWIES Beijing is almost exclusively a school for children whose mother tongue is Chinese. However we do make full provision for children for whom Chinese is not their first language. We also provide English as an Additional Language support for those who are finding it challenging to acquire English.

Yew Wah not only provide some of the regular subjects that are part of the curriculum as requested by Chinese government, but also provides some unique subjects that are not offered by local schools.

  • Regular Subjects

    • • English
    • • Chinese
    • • Mathematics
    • • Music
    • • PE
    • • Visual Art
  • Unique Subjects

    • • Science
    • • Character Development
    • • Social Studies
    • • Performing Art

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