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Holistic Education

YWIES believes in the function of education of enhancing human qualities in an all-round way, instead of mere transmission of knowledge and skills. Therefore, YWIES offers a fully rounded and balanced education which cultivates whole-person development. Students will build up a strong academic foundation, obtain internationally recognised qualifications, develop a global mindset and learn to respect and tolerate all things and everyone.

  • Academic Development

    Students will build up a strong academic foundation and obtain internationally recognised qualifications and the school ensures a smooth transition between different key stage levels of education through to graduation. Through regular curriculum, feature curriculum, character education, theme classes, China Studies and Somerset Yew Wah Classroom in the UK, we can achieve the goal of holistic education which prepares children to become pillars of society with leadership ability, confidence and integrity.

  • Social and Spiritual Development

    Students develop creativity, reasoning power and critical thinking skills which erect solid foundations for their lifelong learning, and acquire leadership skills, self-confidence, positive learning attitudes, self-motivation, self-management and independent decision-making.

  • Global Mindset

    The bilingual co-cultural environment nurtures students by ripening their skills and abilities to work independently and co-operatively, and developing a global mindset tolerant of all things and everyone.

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