Beijing Campus

Mix of East and West 

YWIES integrates the essence of the Eastern and Western education philosophies. It allows more opportunities for students to be immersed in Western and Eastern cultures and understanding of the differences and similarities, getting the best of both cultures.

  • Multicultural Learning Environment

    The teachers of YWIES come from different countries all over the world, which provides students multicultural learning environment and more opportunities to understand the world. YWIES also runs an extensive programme for students to have holistic development of both body and mind, and experience the fascination of multi-cultures, e.g. International Day and Model United Nations.

  • Unique Curriculum

    YWIES fuses the Chinese National Curriculum of Primary and Secondary Education and the overseas high quality education resources to form the core and fundamentals of our curriculum to meet the needs of local and foreign students.

  • Comprehensive International Education Programme

    By providing the programme, employing professional Chinese and foreign teachers, and adopting overseas high quality education resources and advanced educational philosophies, YWIES has created an authentic international atmosphere and learning environment in mainland China. With the integrated curriculum YWIES offers, our students can be admitted to overseas schools at any level of study.

Admissions Office

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