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Campus & Facilities

The school facilities are specially designed to ensure that all students from different age groups study in a safe and friendly environment. It will be the first school in China to introduce the unique Fielding International design concept, hence to lead the innovation of education in the 21st century.

YWIES Beijing campus is more than a place of education. It is a place for students to grow and make their dreams a reality. By introducing the unique Fielding International design concept, it will become the pioneer in China to develop an exciting and new learning approach to better equip our students.

  • The campus design is led by Fielding International which focuses on the architectural and interior design for international schools all over the world. FNI designs the teaching environment to support 21st century learning. It emphasises the importance of learning communities, which is comprised of a variety of learning spaces. This provides more flexibility and agility that increase student engagement and teacher involvement.

  • The campus design follows the natural curvature of the land along the river. It emphasises the use of low-density and green architectural features. By using extensive roof gardens, solar energy, windmills energy, YWIES Beijing campus will become an energy-saving model. Besides, all standard classrooms will face south so they will be exposed to abundant sunlight.

  • Here the students can explore knowledge, exercise their minds and bodies, engage in artistic pursuits, build social skills, and enhance their sense of belonging. It embodies the unique spirit and philosophy of YWIES.

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