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    Early Childhood

    Fundamental skills and whole child development.

    At YWIES, our students are immersed in a supporting, bilingual learning environment where our teachers work together with parents to develop confident, caring and curious young learners. The focus in these early years is on whole-child development, building the character foundations, personal and social values that will support students for life.


    At YWIES Beijing, we provide a bilingual early childhood education setting from two to six years of age in Chinese and English, focusing on developing the whole child as a person as well as a learner. We provide a respectful and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and discovery within which adults act as enablers for all children actively to participate in and design their own learning processes.



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    • Co-Teaching Approach

      YWIES Beijing provides an environment that enables children to interact naturally with one another and with adults and to feel increasingly comfortable about their own identity, language and culture. The Chinese and Western Co-teachers collaborate to ensure every child's social, emotional and educational needs are met. The programme is designed to ensure every child may confidently deal with future challenges they will encounter in school and the wider world.

    • Emergent Programme

      The programme provides every child with opportunities to grow a positive self-identity. The adults ensure the programme meets each child's individual developmental needs. All learning areas integrate as the children, guided by the teachers, develop their physical, personal, social, communicative and emotional capabilities. Within this emergent model, the children begin to formulate understanding of, and skills in, English and Chinese literacy, mathematics, creativity and knowledge of the beauty and cultural diversity of the world around them.

    • Partnership with Parents

      It is critical to the children's development and success that parents actively participate in their child's learning. Our newsletters, regular reports of the child's ongoing learning journey and formal parental meetings are specifically designed to support this aim.

    Snapshot of a School Day