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    Charity Bazaar

    Charitable Activities

    14 Jun, 2023

    10 : 57

    • Time:  May 9 (Tuesday) May 10 (Wednesday)
      Venue: Academic Building, YWIES Beijing
      The whole school is involved.


      Brief introduction: The charity bazaar was held at YWIES Beijing. Students from Shanyi Club publicized the activity, and we will donate all the money we raised to charity. Bread of Life Bakery is the organization we have been working with. We not only assist the staff at the bakery, we also help sick children, and provide opportunities for special people to learn skills.  


      The students of Shanyi Club made exquisite handicrafts and sold them for charity. Every detail of these handicrafts was carefully designed and meticulously polished by the students themselves. At the sale, the students introduced the production processes and explained the meaning of each item to the visitors.


      This charity sale attracted many teachers and students, who bought the handicrafts and expressed their appreciation for the students' creativity and hard work. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the needy. This event showcased the students' creativity and practical abilities; it also conveyed their enthusiasm for the Shanyi Club and their desire to participate in activities for public welfare.


      Final amount of sales: 10,533.50 yuan RMB