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    Nurture Every Step of Learning with Love

    School News

    27 Sep, 2015

    10 : 00

    • During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday in 2015, Yew Wah International Education School of Beijing organised a themed event “Nurture Every Step of Learning with Love, Yew Wah International Education Weaving a Colourful Life for 80 Years” at the Juyongguan of Great Wall. The colourful yarn bombing displays brought fresh colours to the elegant Great Wall. The outstanding displays proved a big attraction for many tourists.

      We chose the Great Wall as the venue for the event because of the similarities between the Great Wall and Yew Wah. As a heritage of Chinese civilisation, the Great Wall has a long history, just like Yew Chung International School, the supporting force behind Yew Wah, having over 80 years of experience in quality education. The perfect combination of the Great Wall as a symbol of the Eastern culture and yarn bombing as a popular Western art highlights the Yew Wah educational model which has absorbed the essence of the Eastern and Western cultures.

      Right after the exhibition at the Great Wall, YWIES Beijing held an art exhibition and “My Colourful World” drawing competition with the same theme at Indigo Shopping Centre, Beijing. The series of activities has shown the long history and uniqueness of YWIES Beijing, and expressed the passion of Yew Wah for education just like that of mums for nurturing their children step by step to lay a solid foundation for their colourful lives in the future.