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    First Kite Day at YWIES Beijing

    School News

    23 Apr, 2019

    10 : 00

    • After Ching Ming Festival, Primary and Secondary students learnt about the history and origin of kites in their Chinese Studies Course. Not only did they learn about the kites’ shapes and patterns, they also got the chance to make their own kite.

      Throughout the process of creating their own kite, the students were given professional advice by their teachers on line drawing and colour matching. Whether it was the juniors’ colouring or the seniors’ designing the kites, they all showed their unique artistic sense. The teachers appreciated that the students carefully and patiently gave details of their kites. The students’ love of kites spurred their creativity. Their focus and interest left a deep impression on the teachers.

      Many parents also participated in our activities and helped the children fly kites. Through such activities, we hope that the children can experience the flying kite culture, and also the parents can learn more about our teaching philosophy that focuses on participation and interaction.