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    Maths Week 2020

    School News

    20 May, 2020

    10 : 00

    • From May 4 to 8, the annual Maths Week of Beijing YWIES was successfully held. This year's Maths Week began in a special way. Even though the students can't communicate face to face with each other, their enthusiasm for maths has not waned. Maths Week is one of the events that YWIES Beijing holds every year. In the activity students can feel the magic of maths, and experience the joy of maths. Let's take a look about what mathematical works our students have created!

      Grade 1 children participated in the activities of “Guess and Guess”, “Number Drawings” and "Little Mathematicians". Through these activities the children experienced the magic of numbers and found that numbers are everywhere which has allowed them to fully demonstrate their mathematical thinking. The children were full of curiosity and engagement in these activities. The highlight was that they could connect maths with their lives and express their thinking in their own language and in a methodical way.

      The Maths Week activities of Grade 2 were brilliant. In the "Art of Maths" art collection campaign, students showed their creativity and artistic talent. In the "Math Daily Calls for Articles” activity, the students actively and enthusiastically contributed to each issue of Maths Daily with colourful stories and interesting challenges. The "Super Star of Maths" competition was in full swing, and the students were fiercely competitive. Finally, four students tied for the first place and won the title of "Super Star of Maths".

      The Maths Week activities of Grade 3 mainly included "Fun maths Q&A ", "Maths Online Games", "Maths Heroes in History", and "Mathematics and Art". Children enjoyed the fun of maths through solving interesting maths problems, and multiple bubble online games. They chose their favourite mathematicians to shoot a video to introduce. Through the experience of these mathematicians, they understood that hard work can lead to success. Students designed a picture of geometric shapes they had learnt, and we could see that their designs were so creative and novel!

      Grade 4 carried out two activities: "Oral Arithmetic Competition" and "Mathematics and Life". The "Oral Arithmetic Competition" required children to log on to the app "Together Primary School", which needed students to solve 20 arithmetic problems in a limited time, and selected the winners according to the accumulated scores of the week. In the "Maths and Life" activity, the children used practical cases to show us the stability of the triangle applied to the photo frame and the music tripod; and doors, windows, dishes, and other daily necessities applied the symmetrical beauty of graphics. Item price tags in supermarkets are usually marked in decimal numbers in order to unify units. When calculating the total price of goods purchased, the calculation method of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division should be applied. Through this activity, the children learnt more about the role of mathematics in their lives.

      Maths Week activities are designed to stimulate students' interest, and cultivate the students' mathematical thinking. The Fifth and Sixth Grade Maths Week activities are: "Masters of the Oral Arithmetic", "Maths Competition (Algebra)", "Online Quiz", "Maths Competition (Geometric)" and "Design Mind Maps". The students actively participated in the activities, and fully displayed their mathematical logic thinking ability, and achieved ideal results.

      The theme of the Secondary Maths Week project was a social distance 3-D symbol design to remind everyone keeping yourself safe and sound during this special time. Our students applied their maths skills to transform the 2-D symbols to 3-D objects with high technology or hand-making in this project, and learn from the whole design-process interdisciplinary as well. Students integrated their maths understanding with IT, Physics, Design, expressive art, and social science to create a work to give their voices.

      Although the fun and rich Maths Week is over, I believe that students will continue to take full enthusiasm in the world of mathematics and enjoy the journey!