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    How Does Education Embrace the Changing Future?

    School News

    01 Mar, 2021

    10 : 00

    • The past year taught us how distant we can suddenly become from friends and family and all things familiar. A virus trapped us indoors. Our connections and relationships were disrupted. The world, which had shrunk to a comfortable global village, is suddenly beset by challenges.

      Educational and cultural exchange – so deeply woven into the YCYW mission – is vital and can provide a starting point for fresh understanding. We believe quality education can never be confined to a classroom. It takes place in open conversations in the real world on an ongoing basis.

      YCYW welcomes a new year with its innovative Planet Leadership Series on public education.

      Outstanding representatives from the fields of education, culture, the arts, technology, business, charity, sports and more will share their stories and insights. We offer a vibrant platform for questions, illuminating arguments and stimulating debate. We believe these 'real' connections can expand people's understanding, both of themselves and people around them, and offer insights into the current milieu.

      Education is the prime focus of our Planet Leadership Series #1.

      Global changes are refashioning history. Constructive dialogue between different systems and cultures now assumes greater importance than ever. How does talent evolve to meet the needs of the changing future? And how might education foster forward-looking thinkers? These are some of the issues we hope to grapple with.

      Professor Yu Lizhong, the founding Chancellor of NYU Shanghai (the first international research university launched through Chinese-US co-operative education), will share his unique insights.

      On 10 March, Professor Yu will visit YWIES Shanghai Lingang. Drawing upon his 30 years in Chinese higher education, he will talk with our teachers, students and parents about the future of education during a time of great change in the world.

      Professor Yu will, among other things, address:

      The evolution in global education and talent

      Possible changes in the merits of studying abroad

      What students, parents and the school should pay attention to in the fundamental education leading to university

      All this relates to the education choices every student will ultimately make and the continuous journey of self-exploration as each student asks, "What kind of person do I want to become?"

      The 10 March YCYW Planet Leadership Series has answers for you.

      Date: Wednesday, 10 March 2021

      Time: 1:30–2:30 pm

      - Opening remarks by the host
      - Keynote speech by Professor Yu Lizhong
      - Roundtable discussion with Professor Yu and the host
      - Taking questions from the audience and through online channels

      In a fast changing world,
      - how is talent redefined?
      - what are the possible changes in the merits of studying abroad?

      During the fundamental education years, what should students, parents and the school pay attention to?

      Mandarin(with simultaneous English interpretation)


      Born in 1949, Dr Yu Lizhong is a Professor and PhD Tutor at East China Normal University and the founding Chancellor of NYU Shanghai (2012–2020). He was also the President of East China Normal University (2006–2012) and the President of Shanghai Normal University (2003–2005). He has served in higher education administration roles for 24 years. He gained his PhD at the University of Liverpool, UK, in 1989 after picking up a BSc degree from East China Normal University in 1982.

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