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    YWIES BJ Musical

    School News

    14 Jul, 2021

    10 : 00

    • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, based on James Bond writer Ian Fleming's original novel, is a musical comedy for all ages. It tells the story of an inventor with a lot of strange ideas who drives an old car to go on vacation with his two children, and encounters a lot of strange things. Before long, the children's grandfather is kidnapped, and the children also become the target of gangsters. At this time the classic car transforms into a super car that can fly and sail, helping the inventor to save his loved ones. This sci-fi comedy in the sixties, with its fun and adventure stories, can still attract the children nowadays. Despite something wrong with the engine, the car not only can fly and sail, but also can think, make judgements, and carry out contingency measures. It is awesome.

      Under the leadership of Executive Principal Mr Bawden and the teachers in the musical crew, the students showed their wisdom and artistic talent. The performance was wonderful, receiving big rounds of applause from the parents and students. We believe that the students who have seen this drama are eager to have such a "Chitty Bang Chitty Car"!

      The musical not only let students understand the drama, including the content, characters, the original author's ideals, social background, as well as touching scenes, but also helped them acquire language skills and critical thinking, and enhance their aesthetic taste and cultural accomplishment.

      During the rehearsal and casting of the musical, teachers and students had a deeper interaction and communication, and established a good teacher-student relationship. As we have always advocated in our educational philosophy: good teacher-student relationship and meaningful teacher-student interaction is the foundation of teaching and learning.