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    Highlights of exciting campus life in April

    School News

    02 May, 2023

    11 : 28

    • On April 22, YCYW Beijing Yizhuang hosted a Colour Run, with nearly 600 students and parents participating and experiencing the healthy, happiness, and interactivity of the Colour Run. The event was filled with Colourful powder, instantly transforming participants into vibrant "rainbow people".


      In addition to the Colour Run, there were also various interactive amusement facilities on site, such as face painting, fishing, ping pong, etc., with the naughty castle being the most popular. Some students said "this Colour Run is one of the most interesting activities I have participated in" and "I think this Colour Run is so much fun, my parents haven't played with me happily like this for so long".


      This event not only offered children a happy weekend but also provided rare parent-child time, making people cherish their time and relationships even more. As a popular outdoor activity, the Colour Run can bring infinite joy and rewards to participants.


      Spring Egg Hunt

      On April 19, The Student Council led its first school events, the "Spring Egg Hunt". The members of the Student Council developed rules and plans for the event, and were responsible for guiding and assisting the students on-site. This fully leverages the role of the Student Council, enabling students to participate more actively in the event, while also enhancing the organizational and coordination skills of the Student Council members.


      Through such activities, the members of Student Council improved their organizational and management abilities and played a role in promoting the development of campus culture. The members of Student Council can develop more interesting activities based on the needs and interests of the students, expand students' social circles and communication opportunities, while also enhancing their team collaboration skills and self-confidence, and cultivating more talent with leadership and organizational abilities.


      We look forward to the Student Council leading more activities, enriching the campus life of students, and supporting the development of school culture, making the school a more vibrant, interesting and warm place. We believe that under the leadership of the Student Council, YCYW Beijing Yizhuang will be a better place for students’ daily lives.


      Inter-School Football Friendship Match

      On April 25, there was a football friendship match between the Primary team at YWIES Beijing Yizhuang and ETU Chaoyang. The Primary students from both schools actively participated in the match, showing excellent sportsmanship through teamwork and collaboration.


      On the field, the children ran and passed the ball to each other, striving to score goals. Despite experiencing some mistakes and setbacks during the match, both teams maintained a positive attitude and encouraged and supported each other, ultimately achieving good results. This match not only demonstrated the children's athletic talents and skills, but also showed their spirit of unity, cooperation, and never giving up.


      In addition to the football friendship match, YWIES Beijing Yizhuang also offers a football CCA led by our Wester Co-Principal, Mr Harrison, allowing more students to participate in football activities, exercise their bodies, and enhance their sports skills. Through such activities, students will not only experience the joy that football brings, but also cultivate teamwork, perseverance, and good sports habits.