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    Creative Classes Lead Students into the Art World

    School News

    18 Jul, 2022

    10 : 00

    • When it comes to Leonardo da Vinci, have you thought of being called the "Three Masters of the Post-Renaissance" together with Michelangelo and Raphael? Do you remember his masterpieces including "Mona Lisa" "The Smile", "The Last Supper", "Woman with an Ermine”? Artworks such as "The Scream", "Girl with a Pearl Earring", "Boy in a Turban and a Bouquet", can you describe these creators? How to make students understand these painters and these works of art without a script? The art teachers of YWIES Beijing started a unique art class.

      Famous educator Lev Zhankov believes that today's society needs people who "use both hands and brains", that is, the so-called "whole-brain thinking". Art creation is a process of using hands, eyes and brain together. Children need to use multiple senses to perceive aesthetic objects, use their brains to imagine, understand and process aesthetic images, use language to express their aesthetic feelings, and use their hands to operate tools and materials to express thoughts and feelings. "Alliance with Art" is an integral part of Yew Wah's school motto.

      YWIES Beijing provides every student with a comprehensive and balanced education. Art is the key to the progress of human history and the foundation of Yew Wah's educational philosophy and goals. Therefore, we ensure that students have access to a wide variety of arts. Yew Wah's art classes never lose their creativity. While teaching students artistic expression techniques, art teachers pay more attention to cultivating students' ability to discover and create beauty in life.

      YWIES Beijing takes a holistic approach that creates a positive, caring, joyful and appreciative learning environment and nurtures the whole person. It prepares students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and their countries. It launches them on a personal journey of growth to become confident, balanced individuals with international perspectives. If you want to know more about Yew Wah, you are welcome to make an appointment to explore the campus and witness such inspiring teaching and learning.