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    Digging, Hands on, Thinking – YWIES Beijing’s G3 Students Had a Lot of Fun

    School News

    10 Nov, 2022

    16 : 10

    • Dig it!

      Are these animal bones? Human bones? How old are they? Are they adult animal bones?

      Record the data, analyse.

      You may wonder what just happened?


      No need to worry, our Grade 3 students are on their mission. Grade 3 students received a letter from a local archaeological group. Bones had been found on campus! Are these animal bones? Human bones? Where do they come from? How old are they? Thankfully, they have been studying the Animal Kingdom and archaeological practices to be able to identify species and bones! Let’s find out how our G3 students become archaeological experts through our theme class.


      Masterclass + Archaeological Dig = Abundant and comprehensive experienc

      Archaeology Session

      Grade 3 Students joined a Masterclass in Archaeology. They got to see what an archaeologist does in the field and how they measure bones using metersticks and rulers with boards attached. Then they practiced these techniques on each other. The students had different areas in the classroom where thy could measure each other’s bones and then got an estimate of the bone length and height of an average 8 or 9-year-old. Then they measured the teachers and got an estimate of bone length and height of average adult males and females.


      Archaeological Dig!

      The actual archaeological dig took place! This was it! Our group leaders put on our special clothing, kept the assignment folder with the details of the case, recorded the data, and managed the group to maintain a balanced and accurate dig site. The students had a great time putting what they had learned into practical use and discovered that the animal we found was a mammal, a human in fact.


      Analysis, Think, Map, Display

      The students analyzed the details they recorded to uncover the diet, age, and approximate height of our subject. They also noticed that there were some parts missing, then they attempted to reconstruct the missing pieces to create a full display for the Natural History Museum at the University of the World, located on the 3rd floor of YWIES BJ.


      G3 students all said that they enjoyed the learning process of the theme class and could easily remember a lot of knowledge in the game. We are very happy to invite Angie and Connie to tell us about their learning.


      Little Dig in, Big Achievement

      We also interviewed Mr. Mullen, G3 Teacher, about the learning intentions and students’ achievements of this theme class:

      Our chance to put what we have been learning about into practice. The students will be evaluated based on their role in the project, the project leader will be evaluated on how well/accurate the paperwork is filled out and the others groups are evaluated based on how well they used the materials provided to measure the bones and how accurate those measurements are.


      As the YCYW Learner Portrait, we are developing our students’ skills, attitudes and values. YWIES Beijing takes a holistic approach that creates a positive, caring, joyful and appreciative learning environment and nurtures the whole person. It prepares students to look beyond the walls of the classroom and their countries. It launches them on a personal journey of growth to become confident, balanced individuals with international perspectives.