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    ECE to Primary Valuable Tips

    School News

    20 May, 2022

    10 : 00

    • The education of children is one of the things that parents are most worried about. Especially when going from kindergarten to primary school, in addition to strict requirements for students' living habits, it also puts forward higher requirements for their learning ability. Parents will unconsciously worry about whether students can accept the new environment, whether students can integrate well with their friends, and whether students can grow up healthily and happily... At this time, parents and students often need to face it together.

      So how can parents help students get through this adjustment period? YWIES Beijing has compiled a few tips, which may help parents and students. Let's take a look together.

      • Maintain a regular lifestyle such as going to bed early and getting up early (children aged 6-7 should sleep 9-12 hours a day), having meals within 30 minutes, and arriving at school on time at 8:00 without being late. Students should come to school in uniform.
      • Let students learn the habit of waiting. You can try playing board games with them to help them develop the habit.
      • Please communicate effectively with students frequently, and help them understand the basic rules of communication in the process, such as not interrupting others at will.
      • Help students learn to manage their emotions and develop empathy.
      • Develop a sense of responsibility by assigning students to tasks such as making quilts, packing clothes, participating in certain family meetings, etc.
      • In combination with daily activities, choose some appropriate ways to help students improve their language and math skills, such as encouraging students to draw a shopping list before going to the mall, counting the number of cars on the road, etc.
      • Please insist on reading with your students every day, both in Chinese and English. (Make a daily independent reading time for the whole family)
      • To help students improve their ability to listen to stories, you can choose to read stories to students every day, or play some audios, both in Chinese and English. Then, you can ask students to retell and ask interesting questions according to their situation.
      • Ask students to learn to look after their belongings.
      • Encourage students to stay focused for an extended period of time in an activity.
      • Help students develop hand-eye coordination and encourage them to do handicrafts, drawing, simple cooking, playing ball games, etc.
      • Please reduce the time students spend playing mobile phones and computers.
      • Encourage students to learn some basic self-help techniques.
      • Please be aware that some bad behaviours by adults can negatively impact students.

      These are ways parents can help students with transition at home. Most of the time, students’ study in school, and help from the school is needed to successfully get students through the adjustment period. Let's take a look at how YWIES Beijing help students with the transition.

      1. Gradually enter the school and enter the class independently like the students in primary and secondary schools.
      2. Set up a mutual aid group with first-year students
      3. Cultivate students' sense of responsibility and encourage them to take responsibility for managing and taking care of their belongings. Such as preparing school bags, carrying daily exercise books, etc., in order to cultivate their ability to organize school bags and manage items by themselves.
      4. Invite the teachers/students/parents of the first grade to come to the class to share their experience of entering a higher grade. At the same time, the students in the 5-year-old kindergarten class will also go to the first-grade class to listen to the class (Chinese, mathematics, themes, English and Art) to fully experience the class status of the primary school students.
      5. Participate in the assembly and flag raising ceremony of the primary school to experience primary school life.
      6. Cultivate behavioural habits such as continuous concentration time, listening carefully, and waiting patiently. The school will adopt a game-based teaching model and a group teaching method in parallel.

      In YWIES Beijing, from the time students enter the kindergarten five-year-old class, a customized ECE to Primary plan has been launched. The program strives to take care of students' study, life, social interaction and other aspects, so that students can fully adapt to primary school life. There is a kind of growth called ECE to Primary. We wish all families to successfully complete this very important leap for students.