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    New academic year, we have made full preparations with all our heart and soul to create a bright future!

    School News

    18 Sep, 2023

    17 : 12

    • With the arrival of a new academic year, there is a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere throughout YCYW Beijing Yizhuang. The faculty and staff, who have already returned to campus, are meticulously preparing for the upcoming challenges of the new school year.


      Ms Ye and Mr Harrison, the Co-Principals, have planned diverse training courses to better serve the educational needs of the students. The courses help teachers enhance their professional skills and qualities. In addition, to promote communication and exchange among different subjects, the teachers of various academic departments and learning communities have held lesson planning discussions. Here, they have carefully prepared, conducted research in groups, and shared ideas and experiences at daily reporting meetings. Furthermore, teachers use methods such as simulated classes, role-playing and case analysis to communicate with each other, further enriching their teaching methods and experiences.


      In addition to the training courses, the Co-Principals have also carefully planned a lively and fun sports event, aimed at inspiring teamwork and cohesion among team members. Faculty and staff enthusiastically participated in the event, enjoying the vitality of sports and the joy of cooperation in games such as hula hoop relay, blindfolded sandbag passing, and handball. In this fun sports event, everyone not only relaxed their body and mind, but also deepened mutual understanding and communication, strengthened collective cooperation spirit, and better bonded the entire team together.


      As the academic team busily plans the curriculum and teaching program, various departments within the school are also busy preparing. The logistics department supervises staff at each post to complete preparatory work such as campus cleaning and facility maintenance before the start of school. The security department strengthens campus patrols and security management to ensure student safety on campus. The IT department checks and updates the school's network system to meet the growing demand for online educational resources.


      The close cooperation and concerted efforts of all departments ensure that the school is well-prepared for the new academic year. During this tense preparation process, the faculty and staff have demonstrated their outstanding professional abilities and continuous enthusiasm. They have not only completed various preparatory tasks, but also devoted themselves wholeheartedly to every detail. YCYW has always adhered to the principle of "students first". The rigorous curriculum, high-quality teaching activities, and carefully designed teaching spaces will provide students with the most suitable growth environment and more opportunities to explore and practice their dreams.