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    Striving to exceed ourselves | Congratulations to the students at YWIES Beijing for their success in the AMC

    School News

    05 Dec, 2022

    17 : 38

    • The results of the 2022 Australian Mathematical Competition (AMC) are out!


      The 2022 AMC is finished. The students of YWIES Beijing achieved excellent results with their Mathematical skills. There are 65 winners in our school. Let's congratulate them! The teachers in the Mathematics group said that all YW students were more enthusiastic about Mathematics than last year, and worked harder to improve their Mathematical thinking ability.


      Introduction of AMC


      The organiser of AMC is the Australian Mathematics Federation (AMT), an international authoritative academic institution, which aims to enrich the content of Mathematics education for students at all stages and provide the most cutting-edge Mathematical ideas, theoretical developments and educational resources. AMC is the largest inter school Mathematics competition with the longest history in the world. Its new type of questions and multilingual questions enable Mathematics enthusiasts around the world to learn from each other and experience the fun of Mathematical thinking.


      How to cultivate students' competitiveness in YWIES Beijing’s Mathematics class


      The Mathematics curriculum is based on the Chinese national curriculum and enhanced by our foundations own curriculum which introduces high-quality international education resources, to take the advantages of both Chinese and Western teachings. To cultivate students' computing ability, reasoning ability, thinking ability and problem-solving ability is the priority of Mathematics.


      Students benefit from a truly student-centred teaching approach, as well as hierarchical and interdisciplinary inquiry-based learning. The inquiry activities consisting of students' hands-on exploration and teachers' guidance create more opportunities for students to cultivate Mathematical thinking and experience the beauty of Mathematics.


      The Mathematics CCA in the school also provides individualized guidance for students who love Mathematics. Mathematics teachers always emphasize: "In addition to learning how to solve problems, how to describe your thinking path is also a very important skill. We encourage students to clearly explain the whole process of thinking in words, and lead audience to follow their ideas to the results".


      YCYW launched the "YCYW Accelerated Mathematics Programme (AMP)" this year, which is specially designed for students with great Mathematical talents. You are welcome to contact us to find out more about this programme. We hope more YW students can benefit from it.


      YWIES Beijing is the authorized test centre of international competitions, providing students with the opportunity to experience international examinations. Teachers can explain the standards of international tests to students, cultivate the students' habit of standardized answers, and other related skills.


      We are proud of the students who have the courage to participate in the AMC, to challenge and strive to exceed themselves. We firmly believe that achievement is not the only goal, but the development of Mathematical thinking ability is the fundamental goal. Mathematician Klein once said: "Mathematics is a kind of rational spirit, which enables human thinking to be used to the most perfect extent". YWIES Beijing is committed to cultivating students' thinking, and enjoying the fun of thinking with the students, so as to open their way to free exploration.