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    School News

    27 Dec, 2023

    11 : 34

    • The Power of Technology, the Courage of Brilliance - Recalling the Magnificent Journey of Our School's Robot Club

      In this era of rapid technological advancement and ubiquitous innovation, the students of YWIES Beijing Robot Club have completed a unique and challenging practice with their wisdom and courage. That is - they set foot in the arena of the world's highest-level VEX Robot Competition for the first time. With passion and determination, they bravely and confidently demonstrated the spirit of YWIES on this grand stage of technology.


      VEX Robot Competition

      The VEX Robot Competition is a world-class technological extravaganza, attracting millions of young people from over 40 countries around the globe each year. It's not just a technology competition, but also an exercise in teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. This competition, hailed as the "top international Robot competition", provides students with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. By participating in the VEX Robot Competition, students can not only deepen their understanding of technology and engineering, but also hone their teamwork and innovative thinking skills, learning how to cope when faced with challenges and pressure.


      YWIES Robot Club

      Speaking of the original intention of creating the YWIES Robot Club, Teacher Joey said: "The reason why I challenged myself to establish a robot club this year is to provide students with a platform to explore the world of technology and give them the opportunity to hone more skills that are closely related to the future in practical situations. By participating in the design and production of robots, students can not only learn practical skills such as programming, engineering design, and electronic technology, but also integrate interdisciplinary knowledge, including logical thinking in mathematics, principles of mechanics in physics, and innovative design in art."


      In addition to the main creator, Teacher Joey, the teacher team of the Robot Club is composed of elite teachers such as Well, Malcolm, and Jack. With their professional knowledge, rich experience, and love for students and technology, they combine their sparks into a beam of light, illuminating the path of students' exploration of future technology, and together enhance students' scientific skills. They have also jointly designed the club's uniform, making this team more eye-catching and cohesive.


      The light from the club's teachers also illuminates our diligent and tireless YWIES students, who are exploring the future. They embark on the journey of future technology with full enthusiasm, endless wisdom, and courage. Eric and Samuel from G5 are the captains of the club. They lead their peers like Kevin and Seven, as well as Jasper and Henrik from G4 and Eliel and Dan from G3, bravely moving forward together.


      Initial Stage: When scattered, we are stars across the sky; when gathered, we form a fiery blaze.

      At the beginning of the club's establishment, the members were not familiar with each other, and they did not understand each other's personality traits and professional skills. In this process, the teachers did not rush to teach knowledge, but led the members to break the ice and play games, first establishing a familiar, mutually trusting team, and letting the members discuss the characteristics of the team. Teacher Well told the members: " The Robot Club, although it appears to be a regular club made up of ordinary students and teachers who aspire to make a difference in the world, is anything but ordinary. We are on a journey to explore the path of future technology, unsure of the challenges that may arise - missing parts, burnt out circuit boards, and more. So, how do we tackle these problems and challenges? "


      Samuel and Jasper shared their experiences, saying, "Yes, every training session feels like an adventure. We never know what problems we will encounter, or whether our solutions will be successful. But each time we face a problem, the encouragement and patience from the teachers, and the cheer and persistence from the team members, help us to calm down quickly. When we see our efforts gradually transforming into tangible progress, all the hard work and sweat seem so worthwhile." Their words are full of passion and determination, full of an indomitable spirit. The fiery spirit within these passionate youngsters ignites the roaring flames in their hearts, accurately reflecting the spirit of every member of the YWIES Robot Club.


      As time went on, the students began to understand each other better. They started to leverage everyone's strengths and compensate for each other's shortcomings. They realized that only through close cooperation can they achieve the best results. Once it was time for the Robot club, the students would step onto the battlefield like warriors, fully immersing themselves in intense and fulfilling training. As the sunset fell and night arrived, they remained oblivious, still busy shuttling between circuit boards and metal parts... Training after training, they became increasingly confident, progressing from unfamiliar operation of robots to proficiency, and from individual confusion to team collaboration...


      Competition Stage: Fall, get up, fall again, get up again... we will definitely get closer to the sunshine.

      Each team consists of four members, each with different roles: some are responsible for designing routes, some for researching strategies, and others for testing and adjusting. Despite their young age, they can work in an orderly manner, negotiate and fight side by side.


      On the day of the competition, Yao Hua's students began a fierce race against time. They set off before the sun rose in the morning. The competition was far more intense than imagined, and the students fought until the stars twinkled at night. They faced various problems in actual combat, bravely and calmly accepting each challenge. Team leader Eric never let his guard down, even during short breaks. He always held robot books in his hands, armed himself with knowledge, and enhanced his combat effectiveness.


      As soon as the competition began, the team members started their teamwork in an orderly manner. They shared ideas and communicated effectively, knowing when to compromise and when to persist. They reached a consensus through continuous communication, and constantly tested and improved, making their robot gradually approach the ideal state. Whenever the robot successfully completed a task, everyone would cheer and jump for joy. The sense of accomplishment from a successful challenge is truly incomparable to any reward.


      However, the road to competition is not always smooth. Sometimes, a minor mistake can overturn the results of the game. One of the team members once made an operational error that caused the robot to malfunction, and at that moment, tears of loss and self-blame overflowed from the corners of his eyes. But this pain was only temporary. Soon, he cheered up with everyone's encouragement, discussed solutions with other team members, adjusted his mentality, regrouped, and set off again with greater courage. Because they knew deeply from their training: failure is just the prelude to success, and every difficulty can help them get closer to the sunshine of victory.


      YWIES Robot Club: New Journey, New Starting Point, New Hope

      The times are developing, and Robot technology has entered the fast lane. As students of the new era, how can we seize the opportunities of the times and resonate with them? The Yao Hua Robot Club has bravely taken steps to explore. We may not be able to influence all sectors of society now, but who says we can't in the future? Perhaps, in the day after tomorrow, in the near future, we will be able to change the world! As long as we keep working hard, never give up! A gust of wind when walking, a ray of light when striving. Chase your dreams! Our passionate youths!