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    What kind of online learning provides the young learners happiness and joy? We welcome you to join the G1 classes at YWIES Beijing

    School News

    20 Dec, 2022

    16 : 03

    • As parents, what worries you the most about online learning?

      Is it your child's academic progress, social skills, or vision...

      At YWIES Beijing, in addition to all of these, we pay more attention to:

      Students' happiness and joyful feelings.


      The sudden epidemic has swept through Beijing. We had to study at home again. It is not easy for students in Grade 1 as it is the first time for them to experience the online learning. The challenge is undoubtedly huge. Fortunately, all these things are going on smoothly and happily with the efforts of our experienced teachers and in the close cooperation between home and school. Now let’s go to the G1 classes and find out how they enjoyed the learning.


      Math Class – Treasure Hunt

      In Math class, the Math teacher, Cecilia, encouraged students to hunt for treasure at home, such as glass cups, oranges, boxes, etc., and classify them according to different shapes, so as to draw out the names of three-dimensional figures and establish the intuitive relationship of "object, figure and name".


      Chinese Class – Role Play

      The recognition of punctuation begins with a storybook “Exclamation Mark”. “? represents curiosity. ! means surprise”. This conclusion was drawn by students themselves in the process of the role play of the story. The Chinese teacher, Rose, led the children to do exaggerated actions. The children laughed to tears, but unconsciously realized the real meaning of punctuation marks.


      English Class – Searching Contest

      At the beginning of each class, the English teachers, Matthew and Cathy, guide the children to think about what they have learned. How can they prove the things they learned? It’s game time. They need to choose the corresponding words from many pictures. They should not only be able to read out loudly, but also be able to draw the things it represents. The children sometimes scrambled to raise their hands for the opportunity to answer, and sometimes bent their heads to draw. This class is too lively!


      Art Class and PE Class – Grateful Heart and Healthy Food

      The Art teacher, Melinda, led the children to make three-dimensional thanksgiving cards, and gave their creative smiling faces to the people they love. The PE teacher, Cathy, encourages the children to choose healthy food at home and cook for their family members while leading them to exercise every day. The persons who received the thanksgiving cards and enjoyed delicious food cooked by students must be extremely happy!


      Music Class and Violin Class – DIY Instruments

      The music teacher, Tina, discovered the children's enthusiasm for the World Cup. She selected the clips of the theme song "Tukoh Taka" and led the children to learn the rhythm of the song. At the same time, children were encouraged to find washbasins, plastic buckets, porcelain bowls, cartons, small benches and other items at home, to imitate various musical instruments. The children played and sang with self-made instruments. The violin class is compulsory at YWIES Beijing. The Violin teacher, Wenhui, led the children to sketch the shape of the violin with their own brushes and draw strings with the colours they like. We believe they can't wait to play the violin!


      As you can see, teachers adapted their planning and their resources creatively to enable their students to learn effectively online, and also enjoy the learning and feel the happies of their lives. The Grade 1 students said that they missed their teachers and good friends so much, but they did not feel lonely during such interesting online learning. One student’s mom said, "At the first moment she wakes up every day, she wants to check out her online classroom. The classes at Yew Wah are more interesting than expected. No wonder she is so active”.


      We are so glad to see that Grade 1 students have shown maturity and excellent focus. We are proud of our teachers’ efforts, and we believe they will continue to help students to strive for excellence and success in all aspects of their development.