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    Winter Concert

    School News

    17 Jan, 2024

    14 : 40

    • Winter Wonderland: Creating Warmth and Hope Together Between Home and School

      This winter, heavy snow and ice covered the ground for over a month. The Winter Wonderland event at YCYW Beijing Yizhuang was originally scheduled for mid-December but was postponed until early this month. As they say, delayed gratification is sweeter, and perhaps the flowers that bloom late are more fragrant and the fruits that ripen late are sweeter.


      Aligning with Love and Charity - Charity Flea Market


      Our parent volunteers, HSCC members, and our student charity group "YCYW Charity" brought us an unprecedented experience of love. The event was divided into three lively areas: the flea market area, the food and culture area, and the amusement area. Every item in each area was carefully selected by parents and students based on their discussions, surveys, and interviews to meet everyone's expectations. Whether it was the selection of items, food preferences, or amusement activities, everything was carefully designed and arranged by parents and students. Each participant contributed their love at each booth, which will all be donated to our charity projects - the Star Love Animal Rescue Centre's stray animal project, special education school charity project, and Renyuyuan special needs children's home.


      The children excitedly walked around with the eco-friendly bamboo coins specially made by HSCC members, not knowing where to start. Some were making handicrafts with great care, some were wearing VR glasses and wandering around, and others were cheering in front of the doll machine... The flea market area was a must-see place, with many second-hand items that were in good condition and sold at a very reasonable price, which made people feel like they got more than what they paid for. The special lottery area also prepared a series of surprise prizes for the children, making them extremely excited.


      Although booths such as "Virtual Museum", "Lucky Handcrafts" and "Heroes Cup" were crowded with people, the most eye-catching one was the "YCYW Charity" booth located in the center of the venue. The students from YCYW Charity enthusiastically introduced their peripheral products such as creative cup mats and badges to the teachers, students, and parents who stopped by, saying, "Welcome to choose and experience our products. All proceeds will be donated to three charity projects: Star Love Animal Rescue Centre's stray animal project, special education school charity project, and Renyuyuan special needs children's home. If you are interested in our charity projects, you can also sign up to join our volunteer team."...


      Their enthusiastic introduction showed us that the students of YCYW are using their sincerity and perseverance to actively practice the spirit of volunteer service of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress". They are deeply infecting those around them with their love and passing it on to everyone who passes by. The seed of love is spreading throughout our entire learning community.


      We were moved by the dedication of the YCYW Charity student volunteers, and also touched by the unwavering support from the parents of the students who participated in the flea market. In order to support these booths and charity projects, HSCC members and all the parent volunteers not only contributed their manpower and resources, but also devoted a lot of precious time. They gathered together for meetings, preparations, division of labor... every detail was carefully considered, including: recording videos, explaining the process of participating in the event, unified payment, purchasing eco-friendly bamboo coins and designing Yew Chung International School of Beijing charity bags, starting live broadcasts on site, and so on. All of this reflects the extreme care and effort put in by the parents.


      Moreover, parents actively took ownership of various booths such as the painting booth, photo booth, coffee booth, food booth, XR museum booth, and the three charity projects, pouring in a tremendous amount of love and time.


      Mr. Xie, the chairman of HSCC, sighed and said, "Everything we parents have done is to ensure the success of this charity flea market and to assist the children in completing their love plans. I believe that next time, the children will be fully capable of organizing such a large-scale event on their own."


      It is truly heart-warming! We were not only moved by the kindness of the children, but also brought to tears by the exemplary power of the parents!


      Home-School Collaboration - HSCC Award Ceremony


      The growth of children cannot be separated from home-school collaboration. At noon, the HSCC award ceremony was an important part of the Winter Wonderland event. During the ceremony, Mr. Xie, the chairman of the HSCC, introduced their annual plan and vision to all parents, emphasizing the importance of parents paying more attention to and supporting the school. He also expressed his expectations for the students' future and called on all parents to actively participate in the activities of the HSCC, working together to support the growth of their children.


      Mr. Xie's sincere speech resonated with the parents present. One parent expressed that they felt a greater sense of responsibility after listening, and became more determined to actively participate in school activities. Another parent shared that they gained a deeper understanding of the school's education and planning for children through participating in home-school collaboration activities, and gained a lot of joy and sense of accomplishment. The feedback from the parents made us firmly believe that the HSCC plays a crucial role in promoting home-school collaboration and student development.


      The HSCC award ceremony not only allowed parents to better understand the work of the association, but also provided a platform for them to communicate and share experiences with each other. It further strengthened the relationship between the association and parents, making our parents' connection even more close-knit.


      Aligning with Culture and Arts - Winter Music Concert


      In the afternoon, the professional hosting, warm-up games, and lucky draw activities organized by the HSCC members marked the grand opening of the children's winter music concert! The blue and white tones of the auditorium added a touch of magical atmosphere, as if stepping into a fairy tale world. The children ignited the stage with their passion and talent, showcasing various forms of performances including choir singing, dance, instrumental performances, and fashion shows. The audience was captivated, applauding and cheering enthusiastically.


      One of the highlights of the performance was the male group dance "The Time of Light". From their exquisite skills to perfect coordination, every flash of light and shadow exuded charm and energy, leaving the audience dazzled. Bobo's mother, a member of the group, excitedly said, "Inspired by the theme of 'light', parents specially hired professional teachers to plan this dance. We not only want to showcase the unique characteristics of our school, but also make this dance an innovative attempt. Our children's performance has made us so proud!"


      Not only did the children deliver a fantastic performance, but our HSCC and parents also contributed a nostalgic dance called "Flower Protectors". The carefully designed costumes, styling, music, and dance instantly took us back to our own youthful days, as if we were reliving our youth at the scene.


      In addition to the wonderful performances, the unveiling ceremony of the YCYW Charity also marked a perfect end to the Winter Wonderland celebration. At this special moment, student representatives shared the original intention and development process of the club, emphasizing the importance of student-led charitable organizations. Their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility infected everyone present, making us deeply feel the younger generation's sense of responsibility and social commitment. Parents expressed their joy and pride in seeing their children actively involved in public welfare activities.


      Finally, Mr. Xie, the chairman of the HSCC, solemnly announced: "During the preparation of the charity flea market, parents and students donated a total of 337 books and 79 toys, and the total volunteer service hours of parents reached 537 hours. In just two hours of activity time, we raised an amazing amount of donations - RMB45,329! This achievement has made everyone feel proud and proud, because we have not only made contributions to society, but also demonstrated the cohesion and spirit of our team." Parents and students also expressed that they were honored to be part of the team and would always uphold the concept of charity and public welfare to make more contributions to society.


      Leading by example, as teachers of our children, it is our duty to do so. However, in the parents of our school, we not only see their momentary attention to their children's growth, but also their selfless dedication to home-school cooperation, and their tireless efforts in donating love... it is truly touching.


      Finally, we can understand why our children can unite and climb towards the peak of knowledge together; finally, we can understand why our children can be down-to-earth, pure-hearted, and help each other like little housekeepers; finally, we can understand why our children not only in academics but also in all aspects of life can move forward together towards a brighter future...


      All of this stems from you, our parents, whether you are volunteering or silently supporting behind the scenes. We all share a common goal - everything is for the children. For the sake of the children, whether it's our teachers or parents, we all adhere to the same principle - leading by example and being role models for our children.


      Lastly, we would like to say that the success of the Winter Wonderland event is inseparable from the close cooperation between home and school; the growth of our children is inseparable from the role-modelling power of parents and teachers; and the progress of society is inseparable from the countless learning communities like us who unite together.


      We are grateful for our children's kindness, hard work, and progress. We are grateful for the selfless dedication and exemplary demonstration of our parents. We are even more grateful that home and school can unite so closely together, working towards a common goal, moving forward towards a brighter future!


      Gratitude - everything is the most beautiful encounter!