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Fight against Harmful Virus: YWIES Beijing Kids’ Learning Achievements

Fight against Harmful Virus: YWIES Beijing Kids Learning Achievements

During this challenging time, how are Yew Wah teachers and students coming together to support each other and what have students learnt?

Here we can see the wonderful learning achievements in the past weeks.

The Grade 8s have been working on poetry over the last couple of weeks and here is a poem written by one of them.

“ This spring is very special

Different from usual

Originally prosperous city


deserted street

Empty shopping mall

The virus is spreading rapidly

We don’t know maybe there be someone tomorrow

Leave us forever

Without the noise of the city

There’s no notice of the start of school

The whole city wrapped in virus

There are group of people

They’re fighting with the virus

They work hard

Don’t let anyone sacrifice for it”


Ruben, Grade 8 student made a 3D model of the COVID-19 virus and took an interesting photo.

A Grade 2 student wrote If I Could Fly to express his best wishes for Wuhan.

In a Grade 2 Chinese class, students re-wrote the lyric of a traditional song to give children opinions about keeping healthy and cleaning hands.

Students applied what they learnt from Maths classes to analyse real-world problems, e.g., analysis of new coronavirus data.

YWIES Beijing will stay with all the families and children together to conquer this plague. We will follow the government regulations to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.

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