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Congratulations to YWIES Beijing Graduates

There is a season called “graduation season”; there is a photo called “graduation photo”; there is an event called “graduation ceremony”, which takes place every June, and this year it arrived in time.

This year's graduation ceremony was different from the previous years; the Grade 6 students had a special online graduation ceremony. This was carried out on Zoom video conference platform.

In order to leave a warm and sweet memory for the graduates, even if the graduation ceremony was held online, there were no missing links for the graduation ceremony.

Kindergarten Graduating Class

K5 children may not know what graduation is. It is the first time the children face farewell, saying goodbye to the kindergarten they have studied in for four years, and saying goodbye to the lovely kindergarten teachers who have accompanied them growing up. Now they are stepping on a new stage of learning – Primary School.

Happy graduation, kids! I wish you a bright future and you will always be the pride of teachers.

Primary School Graduating Class

The hosts of the graduation ceremony were Linda and Mike from Grade 5. Our Co-Principal, Mr Paul Bawden and Ms Jessica Sun shared a few words to the graduates. Grade 6 teachers brought a warm video to the graduates. Let's enjoy the wonderful moments of the graduation ceremony!

Message to YWIES Grade 6 students :

Thank you parents for giving us life;
Thank you teachers for guiding our life journey;
Thank your friends for extending your hand of friendship;
We appreciate all the encounters in our life;
Colourful stories can make a colourful life.
We wish Grade 6 students a wonderful and colourful life.

Let us have this grateful heart, with happiness and blessings. In the new journey, please follow your dreams, and set sail again!

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