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YWIES Beijing Summer Programme Makes Learning Great Fun

In these extraordinary summer days, we have a special summer online activity. Students will create a special memory in the YWIES Beijing summer programme in 2020.

The three-week summer programme is a bilingual activity, which lets the students communicate in English as much as possible.

Team Building
• Likes/ dislikes
• Three truths and a lie
• All about me
• Quiz
• Pictionary
• Charades
• Scrabble
• Relays and games
Learning points: Language and Maths activities focusing on understanding and building each team's culture.

• Listening to instructions 
• Passing a message 
• Measurements
• Ratios 
• Writing instructions 
• Writing recipes 
• Food groups
• Healthy eating 
• Cooking
Learning points: Reading comprehension, instructional writing and following directions.

• Reading a script
• Writing a speech and reading aloud 
• Story writing
• Creating their own superhero 
• Transforming a narrative into speech using well known stories
• Use of voice
• Use of expressions
• Drama performance – creating a video for parents
Learning points: Using voice and expressions in performing

Pirates of Yizhuang
• Solving logic puzzles
• Codes
• Battleships and other games
• Map reading
• Map symbols
• Using a compass
• Mazes
• Treasure hunt
Learning points: Creating maps and clues, and understanding codes and symbols

Bob the Builder
• Creating and testing structures
• Solving puzzles
• Drafting and building a prototype
• Writing a set of instructions
• Testing and redrafting
• Creating Rube Goldberg machine
Learning points: Using simple machines, ramps, balances, levers, and pulleys to design and build prototype scale models.

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