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    2019 YWIES Beijing International Day

    School News

    13 Jun, 2019

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    • YWIES Beijing held the annual International Day on June 6, 2019. It is the day for our students to understand and stay connected with different cultures of the world. This annual event not only enhanced the multicultural environment of YWIES Beijing, but also provided opportunities for students to appreciate the immersion of the Eastern and Western cultures, as well as develop the sense of being a global citizen.

      Cultural Show

      Students, teachers and parents of YWIES Beijing prepared a cultural show that consisted of unique performances of world’s different countries, including South Africa, Spain, Germany, Italy, Korea, Iceland and New Zealand, etc. In the performances from a fashion show to a Western dance, participating children from ECE to Upper Secondary demonstrated the true meaning of Yew Wah’s holistic education and mix of Eastern and Western cultures.

      World Cultural Fair

      There were more than 20 exhibition booths hosted by students and parents in the fair. Based on the basic knowledge of 4F (Flag, Food, Fashion and Festivals), we encouraged students to focus on the countries’ cultures, people’s lifestyle and social circumstances while they were preparing for the fair. The active participation of students, teachers and parents in this cultural feast showcased the multicultural environment of Yew Wah.

      Share the Quality Time with Families

      In this refreshing early summer, YWIES Beijing’s students and parents spent a happy family time while enjoying a trip to the world. This International Day provided students with an excellent opportunity to widen their horizons. We aimed to bring education beyond the event by integrating knowledge of the world into our teaching curriculum. As what the Chinese and Western Co-Principals said, let students experience the great differences in the international community in their own way, and they can sincerely respect and understand the world culture and practise the vision of Yew Wah.