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    Our First Arts Exhibition and Violin Concert

    School News

    19 Jun, 2019

    10 : 00

    • In order to share the teaching and learning outcome of Yew Wah’s Arts and Violin programme, our arts and music teachers, together with our students, organised the first Arts Exhibition and Violin Concert in Beijing.

      Our First Arts Exhibition

      This exhibition featured more than 20 pieces of works from our Primary and Secondary students. They included sketching, abstract oil painting, water colour painting, soft sculptures, etc.

      This arts show not only allowed students to present the artistic technique they acquired in classes, but also allowed them to express their inspiration and the creation process of their masterpieces to participants.

      Violin Concert

      During the preparation of the concert, students and teachers helped and supported one another. The harmonious relationship between students and teachers was reflected in the wonderful performance. This is what we aimed for in our motto: Yew Wah will align with culture and arts.

      What makes this year’s concert different from the past ones was that we had parents of two students participating as special guests. They were the chief flute of the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra and the lead singer of the A Cappella Choir. This act demonstrates the good home-school relationship of YWIES Beijing.

      Violin programme is one of the special features of Yew Wah education and is compulsory for K5 to Year 3 students. We aim to provide different platforms for students to showcase their talents and help them build up their confidence through stage performance. We also hope to develop students’ passion towards music.

      Music and arts are common languages of the world that express people’s inner desire for beauty. We hope that students of YWIES Beijing will sow the seeds of beauty today and enjoy the harvest of joy tomorrow.