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    The Dazzling Performance of the YCYW Version of "The Lion King" is Staged: Young Actors Recreate the Classic Legend

    School News

    01 Jul, 2024

    12 : 02

    • The Dazzling Performance of the YCYW Version of "The Lion King" is Staged: Young Actors Recreate the Classic Legend

      When the classic melody of "The Lion King" echoes in the auditorium of YCYW Beijing Yizhuang, do you wonder if a group of young actors can perform this deeply ingrained animated legend even more vividly? Can their performance exceed the audience's expectations and allow us to immerse ourselves once again in the magical and adventurous African savannah?


      G3 Jersey, who played young Simba, is undoubtedly the most dazzling star on stage. Although he is young, his talent and perseverance are admirable. Drama teacher Ms Shannon praised Jersey's performance: "Although he is the youngest, he has the most lines. Faced with such a challenge, he never flinched, but overcame it with diligence and perseverance. His efforts are visible to all, and his love and dedication to the role are worth learning from." Jersey's father is also proud of his performance: "Jersey and his sister Nancy, who also participated in the performance, recited lines on their way to and from school every day. They encouraged and supported each other. This love and persistence for drama really touched me." With his deep understanding of the role and superb acting skills, Jersey successfully portrayed young Simba's bravery, curiosity, and growth process. He not only worked hard on his lines but also carefully studied the details of his movements and expressions, making the audience feel like they were watching a real young Simba grow on stage. Every emotional expression is touching, whether it is his resilience in the face of difficulties or his joy in interacting with friends, Jersey can accurately convey young Simba's emotions to the audience.


      In addition to young Simba's shining performance on stage, G4 Dwan and G6 Marco have also won the enthusiastic love of the audience with their exquisite acting skills. Dwan, who played Timon, has deeply impressed the audience with his lively, witty, and humorous character. Through rich expressions and agile movements, he vividly portrays Timon's carefree and optimistic personality traits. On the other hand, Marco cleverly portrays the bravery and loyalty of Pumbaa, delivering a powerful and emotional performance that touches the audience. These two young actors vividly interpret the deep friendship between Timon and Pumbaa, and their interactions and dialogues in the play are full of joy and vitality. Whenever they appear on stage together, it feels like they bring a breath of fresh air to the audience, allowing them to feel the warmth and power of friendship. Their performances not only make the entire musical livelier and more interesting but also allow the audience to deeply appreciate the importance and value of friendship.


      G5 Emma portrayed the character of Zazu, the majordomo, to an extremely vivid degree. As soon as she stepped on stage, she seemed to have brought the character of Zazu from the movie to life, with every subtle movement and sound accurately reproducing the image of Zazu. Emma cleverly captured Zazu's unique vocal characteristics, using her clear and infectious voice to perfectly portray Zazu's wit, humour, and loyalty to Simba's family. The audience seemed to hear Zazu whispering in their ears, and the warmth and authenticity of her performance were admirable. In addition to her vocal imitation, Emma also put a lot of effort into the details of her movements. She carefully observed every movement of Zazu in the movie, from the flapping of her wings to the flicker of her eyes, striving for a perfect reproduction. On stage, she sometimes spread her wings and flew high, sometimes lowered her head in thought, and every movement was full of agility and vitality. The audience seemed to see a real Zazu soaring on stage, experiencing adventures and encounters with characters such as Simba, Timon and Pumbaa.


      Throughout the performance of the entire musical, the young actors' excellent acting skills and coordination were impressive. They not only successfully brought each character in "The Lion King" to life, but also demonstrated their confidence and charisma on stage. The audience was brought into a fantasy and adventurous African savannah, experiencing unforgettable stories with the young actors. The performance ended too soon, and the audience felt that the time was too short to fully enjoy this wonderful performance. Parents also gave high praise for the musical performance, expressing their pride and gratitude for the school providing such a stage to showcase their children's talents, allowing them to grow and improve in happiness and challenges.


      The success of this musical is not only a showcase of the students' artistic talents, but also a perfect presentation of the school's CCAs. Behind this success, Ms Shannon, and Ms Yasmin, the two teachers, played an indispensable role. Their carefully guided drama CCA provided students with a valuable platform to showcase themselves and develop their talents. In the drama CCA, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Yasmin not only taught professional skills such as acting techniques and script training, but also focused on cultivating students' teamwork and social skills. Through role-playing and improvisation, they allowed students to improve themselves in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and experience the charm of drama. With the help of the teachers, students not only improved their English proficiency and acting skills, but also found their own shining moments on stage. As Ms. Shannon hopes, we look forward to more students joining the drama performance team next year and creating more wonderful performances together.