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    YWIES Beijing Yizhuang students shine on the stage at TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai!

    School News

    01 Jul, 2024

    10 : 21

    • 北京亦庄耀华学子在耀中耀华TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai舞台上熠熠生辉!

      On June 15th, the sun shone brightly on the earth, as if crowning the upcoming event. On this day, YCYW Education Network once again stirred up a wave of ideas - TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai event grandly opened at the Shanghai Children's Art Theatre. This is an annual feast that gathers teachers, students, parents, and community members from YCYW campuses across the country. They carry unlimited expectations for the "FUTURES tomorrow" and explore the mysteries of the future together.


      At the event, 55 talented TEDx speakers were like dazzling flames, using unparalleled passion and wisdom to light up the scene and illuminate the hearts of every listener. Among these speakers, some were only seven years old but had already shown amazing insight and expressive ability. They focused on diverse topics such as body image, gender violence, war, sustainable fashion, and more, using vivid language and unique perspectives to bring the audience a feast of ideas.


      Among these passionate speakers, Coco and MiuMiu from G8 of YWIES Beijing Yizhuang were like two shining new stars, bravely stepping onto this highly anticipated stage for the first time. They interpreted the power and infinite possibilities of youth in their own way. Coco focused on the lives of the elderly, affectionately recounting her interactions with her grandfather and her understanding of emotional bonds between family members. Her speech was like a warm current that touched the hearts of every audience member, prompting people to re-examine the value of family and affection. MiuMiu, like a spiritual adventurer, delved deep into the subtle world of human emotions and proposed using intelligent plants as a medium to help people relieve their emotions. Her courage and innovative thinking won applause from the audience, revealing the infinite possibilities of the future.


      In addition to the inspiring speeches, the event also showcased the outstanding achievements of students from various YCYW campuses. Particularly noteworthy were the projects presented by Daisy, Carrie, and Jessica, three G8 students from YWIES Beijing Yizhuang, including the "100th Anniversary Commemoration of Lu Xun's 'A Call to Arms'" and the "Axis Project," which captured the attention of countless visitors. They ingeniously combined the essence of traditional culture with modern innovative ideas in their project works, which they brought to Shanghai. Through careful preparation, they made every effort to faithfully reproduce the project prototypes, showcasing the exceptional talents and wisdom of YWIES students from Beijing Yizhuang. The audience was deeply moved by their passionate explanations and expressed admiration for the creative interpretation of literary works in such vivid and flexible ways. Many expressed their desire to personally visit Beijing to witness the charm of these landmark buildings created by the students along the Axis Line.


      As the Whole-School Coordinator, Ms Grace gave high praise for the successful organization of the event. She said that participating in TEDx not only provided valuable growth opportunities for the students, but also taught them how to confidently express themselves in front of the public and how to pay attention to deep-seated social and human issues. She particularly mentioned Coco and MiuMiu's speeches, believing that they vividly interpreted the profound philosophy of "paying attention to reality in order to embrace the future" in their own way. At the same time, Grace also expressed heartfelt thanks to the parents who silently supported the event. She said that it was the selfless support and firm companionship of the parents that made the children more courageous and determined on the path of growth.


      The entire event was filled with a warm atmosphere and laughter. The audience cheered and applauded the brilliant performances of the speakers, and praised the talent and wisdom of YCYW students. This TEDxYouth@YCYWShanghai event not only showcased the style and talent of YCYW students, but also conveyed a positive, forward-thinking, and innovative spirit.


      We firmly believe that in the future, the YCYW Education Network will continue to cultivate more outstanding talents with a global vision and leadership qualities. They will shine in their respective fields and contribute to the development of society. Let us look forward to this day together! We eagerly anticipate next year's TEDx event to welcome more talented students from YWIES Beijing Yizhuang who will take the stage with unparalleled passion and charm, showcasing their outstanding talents and igniting the passion and dreams of the audience!