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    A Day of Global Travel with YCYW

    School News

    13 Jun, 2024

    15 : 43

    • A Day of Global Travel with YCYW

      Last Saturday, the campus of YCYW Beijing Yizhuang was filled with excitement as all the teachers and students enjoyed a day of global travel. What happened? Let's take a look together:


      Diverse cultures converged and showcased a spectacular "national-level" exhibition

      In "India", G5 students brought three wonderful performances. The performance was opened by melodious violin, followed by the sonorous rhythm of the Indian drum, and finally the passionate Indian dance. The boys wore sarongs, and the girls wore beautiful sarees. Their performance pushed the atmosphere to the peak, making everyone feels as if they were immersed in India's traditional culture. After the performance, the students also shared knowledge about India's geography, architecture, and religion, and through interactive Q&A, the participants gained a deeper understanding of Indian culture.


      In "Spain and Mexico", students wore their respected team jerseys to showcase the passionate and exuberant sports spirit of these two countries. The Spanish class also prepared sticker tattoos, allowing students to experience the cultural characteristics of Spain while feeling the charm of sports. "South Africa" conveyed its culture through food. Ms. Dumi baked local South African cake, and the delicious taste made the students queue up for it. Sunny from "United Arab Emirates" said that the food prepared by the South African class was her favourite, and it sparked her interest in South Africa.


      "France" was as artistic as ever. As soon as you enter "France", you can smell the aroma of bread and coffee. Teachers wore French berets and warmly welcomed every guest. Here, "tourists" can recreate famous French paintings on the wall and experience the unique charm of French art. In "UAE", palm trees and dates became the most popular elements. Students and their Mexican friends tasted the unique dates of the UAE and made the flag of the UAE together.


      It turns out that the teachers and students of YCYW went on a "global journey" together. In fact, this day was the Global Community Day activity of YCYW. Through these activities, students not only learned about the culture of different countries but also made new friends and gained precious friendships. After the evaluation by teachers, students, and parents, the G5 and G9 students were awarded the Cultural Ambassador Award, which recognizes their outstanding contributions in cultural exchanges. They actively spread multicultural knowledge and demonstrated excellent communication skills and profound understanding of cultural diversity through their actions. At the same time, G1 students also received the Innovation Activity Award, which recognizes their outstanding performance in innovative thinking and practical activities. They brought many surprises and inspirations to everyone with authentic South African cuisine.


      Multicultural Interactive Exhibition

      Each class showcased the culture of different countries by students, then in the afternoon, the parents and exhibitors present various countries and continents in an integrated way. For instance, the students present China in the morning, and they wore traditional Chinese clothes and a series of quizzes to demonstrate customs and dynasties of China. Their parents presented Chinese traditional food and local snacks such as ice-sugar gourd in the afternoon to continue showcasing the characteristics of China. In the tropical fruit area, students tasted fruits from all over the world, each flavour representing a different style. In the French dessert area, students felt the romance and elegance of France in the sweetness. In the Japanese tea making area, under the guidance of the tea master, students learned how to brew and taste tea. The sound of rain and the tranquillity of the tea ceremony complemented each other, allowing people to feel the peace and serenity of Japanese culture.


      The New Zealand dance area is the liveliest place . Students dance to the fast-paced music, their steps filled with strength and vitality, as if expressing the passionate and friendly spirit of New Zealand to the fullest. Here, students not only experience the charm of dance but also find themselves and release their passion through dance. The Chinese pastry area exudes a strong traditional Chinese atmosphere. Students taste traditional Chinese pastries and experience the profoundness of Chinese cuisine. The booths also display posters showcasing the recent study of Chinese traditional myths and legends by G4 students, allowing visitors to not only taste the food but also understand the historical and cultural background of these Chinese traditions, and gain a deeper appreciation for the profound heritage of Chinese culture.


      On this day, students depicted the world's splendour and diversity in a unique way. Furthermore, a number of educational brands enhanced the whole day event to support the students to try various activities, such as Horse-Riding Club, YMM art education group, Mexican Shawl making and STEAM course. "A Day of Global Travel" allowed students to present and experience the beauty of diverse global culture in the morning, whereas their parents demonstrated the matched country and the value of lifelong learning by presenting in the afternoon.