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    YCYW Study Tour: A Cultural Fusion Journey of Huangshan and Taishan

    School News

    17 Jun, 2024

    14 : 16

    • YCYW Study Tour: A Cultural Fusion Journey of Huangshan and Taishan

      Students say: "Huangshan, with its mountains, waters, and Hui culture, is waiting for us! Taishan, with its ancient and modern Confucianism, we are here!"

      Teachers say: "This study tour is not only about accumulating knowledge, but also about spiritual growth. Let us witness how students shine in the fusion of nature and history."


      Last week, G4 and G5 from YCYW Beijing Yizhuang embarked on a study tour to Huangshan and Taishan respectively. In this journey full of cultural charm and adventurous spirit, students not only experienced the natural beauty of China, but also gained a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture and historical heritage.


      Tracing Huizhou, Savouring Cultural Elegance | G4 Tour to Huangshan

      In Huangshan, the students were amazed by the peculiar pines, extraordinary rocks, and the swirling sea of clouds, and they couldn't help but recite ancient poems in the face of such beauty. Under the influence of Huizhou culture, they gained a deep understanding of the history of Huizhou merchants and the unique charm of Huizhou culture. They enjoyed a tea tasting experience at the Tea Museum, learning about the different types of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and yellow tea. At Tangyue Archway, they learned about the values of loyalty, filial piety, integrity, and righteousness. They explored the origins of the Eight Trigrams and the Five Elements at Chengkan Village. In the Huizhou gardens, they personally built traditional Chinese wooden structures, experiencing the wisdom of traditional architectural craftsmanship. They also learned the traditional methods of papermaking and ink production, experiencing the profoundness of traditional culture. In their study and performance of Huangmei Opera, they wore costumes and learned to sing "Dui Hua," as if they had travelled through time and became the inheritors of Huizhou culture.


      The most memorable activity for the students during their study tour in Huangshan was undoubtedly the hands-on experience of making stinky mandarin fish. They attentively observed every step taken by the chef. Fresh mandarin fish was skilfully prepared and marinated in a special sauce. The unique aroma gradually filled the air, a combination of stinky and fragrant that was unforgettable. The students carefully imitated the chef's movements, evenly applying the seasonings to the fish and then sealing it for fermentation. Throughout the process, they not only learned the techniques of making stinky mandarin fish but also gained a deeper appreciation for the unique charm of Huizhou cuisine. Their reverence and love for traditional food took root and sprouted in their hearts.


      Ms. Joyce and Ms. Claudine, G4 homeroom teachers, both shared their most touching moments. They said, 'We visited Xie Yu's Tea Plantation, where the staff introduced the students to the growth process and production techniques of tea leaves. At the end of the activity, all the students prepared a special tea ceremony for the teachers, a scene that was deeply moving. The students earnestly brewed and served tea to the teachers, expressing their gratitude. This tea ceremony not only showcased the students' etiquette and manners but also reflected their respect and gratitude towards the teachers. Such scenes make us feel the deep emotional bond between teachers and students and make us look forward to more beautiful moments in the future.”


      Enlightenment on Taishan, Appreciating Confucian Wisdom | G5 Tour to Taishan

      At the Confucian Temple, the students were deeply attracted by the ancient architecture and carefully studied the inscriptions on the thirteen stone tablets and the plaques in the Dacheng Hall. They gained a deep understanding of the essence of Confucian thought and experienced the learning life of ancient students in the Six Arts City, where they gained a deeper understanding of the six skills of "ritual, music, archery, charioteering, writing, and mathematics" included in the Six Arts. They also worked in groups to complete a series of tasks in a simulated business environment, which not only improved their teamwork skills but also enhanced their understanding of ancient commercial culture. At the Shandong Provincial Museum, they learned about the functions of bronze ware through a game and searched for information to compare the cultural differences between the Qi and Lu states in detail. More interestingly, they seemed to travel through time and space to the Zhou Village in 1840, experiencing the role of ancient merchants and becoming clever and capable "little merchants."


      The most impressive experience for the students on their study tour to Taishan was participating in the Fengshan ceremony. In the solemn sound of drums and music, the students witnessed the grand ceremony of ancient emperors worshipping heaven and earth, feeling the weight and solemnity of ancient culture. During the ceremony, they learned about the historical significance of the Fengshan ceremony and personally participated in the prayer ceremony, offering sincere respect to the gods of heaven and earth. At that moment, they seemed to travel through time and personally experienced the solemnity and sacredness of ancient emperors worshipping heaven and earth. This profound cultural experience made a lasting impression on them.


      Ms. Kylie and Mr. Matthew, G5 homeroom teachers, said that they were deeply impressed by the weight of the ancient ruins and temple history. They climbed Taishan, enjoyed the natural beauty, and witnessed a spectacular performance that showcased ancient Chinese history. During the exploration, the students' group cooperation was particularly outstanding. They fought side by side, did not back down in the face of challenges, expressed their opinions boldly, and found solutions through discussion. This study tour not only increased the students' knowledge but also made them deeply aware of the importance of unity and cooperation. Seeing their growth and transformation, we feel deeply gratified and proud.


      Bathing in the Light of Culture, Treading the Path of Growth

      Study tours are one of the important measures for YCYW to cultivate students' comprehensive qualities and innovation abilities. Through the China Classroom Programme, students deepen their understanding of China, thereby increasing their respect for different cultures and cultivating their sense of purpose and outlook on life. Through first-hand experience and field investigations, students gain a deeper understanding of China's traditional culture and historical heritage, laying a solid foundation for their future growth.