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    Can this “magic paper” enrich the learning life of the children?

    School News

    02 May, 2023

    10 : 38

    • Kindergarten students are always taken to be protected, and they can just finish simple things. They are only expected to do some manual exercises and exercises for the development of mental intelligence.


      But at YWIES Beijing, kindergarten children's learning life is much more colourful. Their ideas, abilities and potential are maximally exploited by teachers. This month, the teachers used a magical piece of paper to lead the children to learn richly and experience life to the fullest. Want to know what this piece of paper is?


      Spring, let’s be connected

      In the season of blossoming, many of our family vacations took place while we were travelling. While sharing the wonderful travel experience, we found that there are still some children in the class who have not returned to school. The teachers kept in touch with the parents, and the parents sent beautiful photos and videos to interact with the children in the class. The children want to further communicate with their friends who are temporarily living abroad, so should we send them a letter? How do I send a letter? What are stamps? In the current era of such advanced technology and communication, let's recognize the old stamps of our parents' time and experience the imprint of the development of the times.


      Moving, we got the mail!

      The teachers and the children carefully prepared the letters for the distant friends. At the appointment time, the mail bus arrived at the school on time, and we handed the prepared letters to the postman. For the next few days, we anxiously searched for the logistics information of the letter, hoping to send it to our friends early to let them know our thoughts. Finally, a few days later, we received a reply from our friends, who not only sent us hand-painted pictures but also sent us flowers full of spring in the distance.


      Flourishing, we passionately explore

      In the month of flourishing, ECE teachers and nurse teacher decided to take students and parents to visit the "China Postal Stamp Museum." They learned about the function of the post office, the purpose of stamps, the printing methods of stamps, and the different ways of conveying information. When they came to the museum, all kinds of stamps immediately attracted the attention of children. While watching, the children also learned about the history of different countries and regions in the process of completing the task card. Folk customs, culture, and technology, combined with the interests and questions of the early exploration, continue to inspire exploration and feel the significance of the era of stamps in the rapid development of science and technology, and develop comprehensive abilities in various fields in the process of activities. What a wonderful exploration of the generative course!


      Our children accompanied by parents and teachers passionately explored the use and production of stamps; Not only did they learn new knowledge, but also engaged in a larger group with singing, doing tasks, and playing games through this activity.


      The unique learning life that YWIES offers is that the teachers fully believe in the potential and abilities of the children. Our teachers pay attention to their talents, and guided with our emergent curriculum. YCYW students in this case will have an independent and confident personality, individual ability and collaborative learning ability at an early age.

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