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    Can a peanut make Chinese learning more fun? Can it improve children’s writing as well?

    School News

    02 Mar, 2023

    12 : 06

    • A large number of parents begin to have a headache when talking about students’ writing. When they are facing a topic, many students reply that they do not know what to write. YWIES Chinese teacher Maggie shared: In fact, writing is relatively the most difficult among listening, speaking, reading and writing; But as long as the student is clear about the evaluation criteria for each writing, the teacher gives the context, sets up the structure, and allows the child to follow the writing steps, a beautiful piece of article is not that hard.


      Observe and to feel the uniqueness


      We create a situation for observing peanuts and writing. I prepared a unique peanut for each student, and told them: "The difference of this peanut is that it is unique in your expression, and only you can tell the difference of this peanut." As long as you experience it attentively and express it concretely, you can get this magical peanut.


      Pay attention to details and describe


      Our students need to say what they see, hear, smell, touch through the five senses. The last sense should not be experienced first. I want our students to bring the peanut back home first, to give this peanut more possibilities, is to taste, to share, and to quietly accompany you. Only you can give this peanut this infinite possibility. Finally, you can start writing the rest of the section. "


      Stimulate the students’ expression


      The children are looking forward to getting this magical peanut, and they all raise their hands to express their observations, carefully preserving it. The essays that have been fed back to me have their own characteristics. Until now, there are children who keep this magical peanut. when they show it to me, I thought it was a fake peanut; as if it had been waxed, very shiny.


      The core is to explore children’s possibility and senses


      Ms. Maggie added: "We will listen to the students’ feeling and needs. We think from the students’ point of view, and carry out teaching. This is what YWIES teachers have always upheld to maintain meaningful teacher-student interaction with children. Let their talents be fully cultivated and developed.