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    How do we improve children's English reading skills? These two resources tell the secret of Yew Wah children's progress.

    School News

    03 May, 2023

    17 : 42

    • English language acquisition is a crucial part of any student's education, especially for those who are not native speakers. At Yew Wah Beijing, our teachers understand this challenge and have taken a comprehensive approach to encourage students to learn and read in English. What are the secrets to children's reading comprehension in English? Ms. Tessa is sharing more with us:


      Secret 1: Tailored Online Reading Program

      RAZKIDS is an online guided reading program that provides students with a personalized learning experience. The program adapts to each student's individual reading level, helping them to progress at their own pace and providing targeted support to areas that need improvement. With interactive games and stories, RAZKIDS is both educational and enjoyable for students.


      Secret 2: Personalized Action Plans for Students

      I use a range of learning materials, including books, audio, and visual resources, to cater to different learning styles. For example, I might use picture books for visual learners, audiobooks for auditory learners, or interactive online resources for kinesthetic learners. This approach allows all my students to engage with the materials in a way that suits them best.


      I also group my students according to their English proficiency level. By creating small groups, I can target my teaching to each group's specific needs. For example, I might use more simplified language, provide more visual aids or use more practical and hands-on activities for students who are at a beginner level. On the other hand, I may introduce more complex vocabulary or more complex topics to students with advanced English skills.


      Teaching students with different levels of English skills requires flexibility, creativity and personalized attention. At Yew Wah, teachers strive to tailor our teaching to each student's individual needs, using a variety of resources and teaching methods to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn and succeed.