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    The Interesting and Challenging Math Week at YWIES Beijing

    School News

    03 May, 2023

    17 : 46

    • As we move into the age of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Students, teachers and parents may feel conflicted about the future however for 90 years YCYW has adapted and refocused to ensure we always deliver a future focused education.


      This week we have celebrated math week with a range of activities that show the importance of math not just as an exam subject but as a means to understand life and science.


      Just like Mr Tin Yip, YCYW Education Director, sharing at the YCYW Parent Webinar: Math is a subject that combines beauty and elegance, which can be seen in the structural perfection both of visual models and mathematical equations, as well as the elegant logic of arguments. Math is a fact of daily life. The purpose of the Math Week is also aimed at enabling students to better experience the charm of the Math.


      Let's go through every wonderful scene of the Math Week and feel how the students at YWIES Beijing enjoyed in the activities.


      1st: The Journey of the Rubik's Cube


      The Rubik's Cube has been closely linked to intellectual factors since its inception. The complex colours always add some mysterious colour to this small square. We specially invited Mr. Wang Fubo, the expert of the Rubik's Cube, to show off his Rubik's Cube skills to the students. The students also embraced the challenge bravely.


      2nd: The Annual Pi-Day Math Online Competition


      The Pi-Day Mathematics Online Competition is a competition officially organised and supported by the YCYW Curriculum and Professional Development Department (CPDD). YCYW CPDD believes that Math competitions are an effective way to cultivate students' mathematical ability and interest. It is hoped that right from a young age student will develop a passion and curiosity for Math. Consequently, they will not be afraid of it and are willing to challenge themselves by taking part in competitions.


      3rd: Your Design, Your Show


      Hexadecimal, colourful Rubik's Cube, Geometric Primitives, Pi, Golden Section, various symmetries... T-shirts can also be very "mathematical". Students expanded their imagination, chose their favourite mathematical elements, and used their graphic and textual skills. Each piece of innovative T-shirt was displayed in front of everyone. The result of the vote after that surprised everyone even more.


      4th: Grade 5’s Cross-campus Fun Math Competition


      In this fun Math competition, Students from Grade 5 at three YWIES campuses of Beijing, Yantai, and Guangzhou, excitement, nervousness, concentration, and joy were shown on the faces of the students. The students said that it was too exciting and interesting to compete face to face with students of the same age in other YWIES campus for the first time. They hope to have more opportunities to communicate and share their learning experiences to each other in the future.


      5th: Fun Math Activities & Math Project Exhibition


      The atmosphere of the Math activities was extremely lively and extraordinary. The students enthusiastically participated in various mathematical games: Tetris, Prime Bowling, Darts, Measuring Cylinder, Matches, 24 Points, Sudoku... The teachers of Math team prepared nearly 20 mathematical games, and the students challenged themselves in various mathematical storms. The parents were also very happy to participate in the games.


      At the Math Project Exhibition, the students confidently presented to the visitors the research results of recent Math projects in both Chinese and English, including the Reuleaux Triangle, the Pythagorean Tree, the Goniometer, and various projects using relevant mathematical knowledge to solve life problems. The process of combining theoretical knowledge with practice has enabled students to deeply appreciate the truth of "Math comes from life and is applied to life".


      At YWIES, students should be guided to focus on the whole process of solving a Math problem, rather than just the answer itself. They are also encouraged to regularly apply their mathematical skills in the real world to solve practical problems. This would aid in sharpening students' motor skills while facilitating teamwork to solve problems and for creative learning. We believe that the annual Math Week provides a challenging and interesting learning platform for students at YWIES Beijing, and stimulates their love and interest in Math. We hope that students will maintain their enthusiasm for Math, feel the charm, and explore the mysteries of mathematics!