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    I went to an incomparable brilliant concert last Saturday

    School News

    23 Jun, 2023

    16 : 45

    •  “I went to an incomparable brilliant concert last Saturday.

      Where was it?

      At my children's school.

      Moreover, there were all kinds of art works that had made by the students in their school as charity art auction, and the money would be donated to the China Contemporary Art Foundation. I also bought an artwork I like, let me show you.


      That was a conversation between parents and homeroom teachers of G3 children at YWIES Beijing Campus. The parents were so joyful towards their children's wonderful performance at the concert.


      Let’s go back to the concert and see what happened through this article:


      1.5 hours superb audio-visual performance

      Music Teacher Ms. Wenhui told us that the summer concert was planned in two parts. The first part was a demonstration of violin repertoire from lower grade to higher ones. The repertoire is a good way to show the learning progress from the lower to the upper grades of each grade. The second half of the concert was solo performance and school orchestra. The overall level of the second half was higher than in the first half because it was more a professional presentation. There were 3 repertoires performed by the school orchestra. We chose Vivaldi's "Spring" as the opening piece, which also symbolizes the recovery and prosperity.


      The second piece is "Tian Zhi Da (Big Sky)". We chose the song "Tian Zhi Da" to express our love and gratitude to our mother as it’s also Mother’s Day. The last track was from the music that YCYW recently achieved the Guinness World Record for the most participated violin video relay. We could see the hard work and the practice of teachers and students day by day. There is an affirmation of honor, and the cultivation of children's willpower.


      They surpassed themselves

      Ms. Wenhui said that these children exceeded themselves and exceeded my expectations. G1 students have not been practicing violin for long, but their stage performance exceeded my expectations. The G1 song is "Little Star" and they also performed the dance before the violin repertoire. And the G1 performance was the beginning, and they have made a good start under pressure.


      There are two repertoires of G3 students, one is "Allegro" and the other is "To Tell Aunt Roddy". G3 students represent the highest level of YWIES. The repertoires they practice are more difficult and longer. The speed of the pieces could be a combination of fast and slow. Their basic skills have laid a good foundation of violin playing for their future.


      Visual enjoyment beyond music

      The charity art auction covered our primary and secondary schools, with paintings ranging from salon painting to acrylic oil painting, as well as multi-media art works. Every young artist has conveyed his thoughts about life, his cognition of the world and his expectations for the future through his brushes. This year, students are very concerned about public welfare. Art is the bridge that can break through language and national boundaries. Taking this opportunity, we launched the 2023 Charity Art Auction. The money we raised this time will be donated to China Contemporary Art Foundation for students to carry out social welfare activities in the next academic year.


      We fully believe in the potential and talent of the children. The teachers at YCYW are cooperating with our students, and their progress and learning outcome are always beyond our imagination. We are very happy to see and share with the parents the achievements of their children in all aspects this semester.