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    From Childhood to Adolescence: The Path of Children's Growth

    School News

    23 Jun, 2023

    16 : 40

    • Transitional Programme from ECE to Primary at YWIES Beijing Yizhuang

      The transitional period moving from ECE to Primary is a crucial phase in a children's growth process, which affects their future learning and development. Parents often feel anxious and uneasy during this period because they worry that their children may not adapt to the new environment and learning methods, which could lead to academic and physical issues.


      Effective communication and close cooperation between the ECE and Primary Departments play a vital role in helping children successfully complete the transitional period. To ensure a smooth transition, YWIES Beijing Yizhuang has developed a comprehensive transition programme that is implemented in three stages.


      The first stage focuses on cultivating children's habits and routines.

      Teachers gradually increase collective teaching activities and small group activities based on play-based learning. K5 students will officially start natural phonics activities in English. In addition, YWIES’s featured compulsory courses, violin and swimming, are also started for K5 students. The selection of dozens of extracurricular interest classes also allows K5 students to experience the richness and diversity of primary school life.


      The second stage focuses on implementing the Primary adaptation plan.

      This stage includes adjusting the timetable, gradually shortening and cancelling the nap time, adding quiet time, clarifying collective teaching activity periods, and integrating into the learning and life in Primary. At the same time, the online Razkids English reading activity is introduced. The K5 teachers and G1 teachers discuss the adaptation plan and communicate about in-depth details, including the establishment of mutual aid groups and arranging experience classes for Chinese, English, and bilingual Mathematics.


      The third stage aims to synchronize with the first grade in terms of regular activities.

      The synchronization includes wearing school uniforms, having lunch in the cafeteria, attending school assemblies, flag-raising ceremonies, etc. Teachers always provide children with psychological and emotional support to prepare them for entering Primary. Meanwhile, Primary teachers actively invite K5 students to participate in various school activities.


      Throughout the entire transition programme, we emphasize cultivating children's habits and routines, while gradually guiding them to adapt to collective teaching activities and small group activities. In terms of the Primary adaptation plan, specific plans and family support suggestions are arranged, and communication and formulation of details are emphasized to ensure that children can receive comprehensive help and support in adapting to Primary. Familiarizing children with Primary teachers in advance also helps them feel psychologically secure and stable after entering G1.


      Meanwhile, we attach great importance to effective communication between home and school. In addition to updating parents on learning dynamics daily, ECE teachers and all subject coordinators from Primary and Secondary jointly held a parent workshop, aiming to provide parents with in-depth understanding and preparation for YWIES’s curriculum.


      Even though we are filled with innumerable reluctance, teachers wholeheartedly wish that children will embark on a beautiful journey of growth and go further and further towards their dreams. Here are blessings from the K5 teachers:


      You are about to embark on a new journey in your life. We wish you can accept every new environment and unknown challenge with joy and courage. In Primary, you will meet new teachers, new classmates, and learn different subject knowledge. Sometimes you may feel stressed and frustrated, but don't give up, keep going, and your efforts will pay off.


      Also, remember that besides learning knowledge, cultivating good character and mindset is more important. Respect others, unite in friendship, take responsibility bravely, and strive for progress actively. Be a cheerful, confident, and life-loving child.


      Finally, we wish you all a healthy and happy growth in your Primary and strive towards your dreams in the future!