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    New School Year, New Expectations, New Journey | The 1st Week of the New School Year

    School News

    13 Sep, 2022

    09 : 27

    • We anticipated the start of a new school year while enjoying the pleasant autumn breeze. With the students' arrival, the campus' long-quiet atmosphere came alive, and every blade of grass and leaf appeared to be communicating to the returning students how much they had been missed.

      The Co-Principals, Mr. Harrison and Ms. Annabel, are waiting for the students to come at 7:30 am every morning, with happy faces and a sincere greeting to start the students' day. This tradition was passed down from Yew Chung Yew Wah founder Madam Tsang Chor-hang. Watch this video to experience a day of a Yew Wah student.


      Early Childhood Education (ECE)

      The first week for ECE students is a challenge for all. Some of them learn about the excitement and anxiety of living in a group for the first time in their lives; others discover the difference between parental care and teacher care; and many of them experience the joy of reuniting after a long time. Ms Lydia, the coordinator of ECE, was very impressed that after a long holiday, the children were more confident, emotionally stable and had significantly improved their language skills as they grew older and matured physically.  The returning students led the new students to learn to change shoes, line up, eat and take lunch break, so that they could gradually adapt to the new school life.

      The ECE Department's easing-in program for new students allows them to gradually transition from parental accompaniment to independence in a natural and anxiety-free process. The teachers have set up a variety of areas within the learning community, including a reading area, an art area, a nature exploration area, a construction area, and a role-play area. All of these areas attract the students' attention, and the teachers change the environment every day according to the students' interests, so that the students are eager to explore every morning when they arrive at school.


      Primary Department

      Every morning, primary students enter the building with a positive attitude and a confident step. They benefit from a varied curriculum in Yew Wah's positive, loving, pleasant, and appreciating educational atmosphere as well as the guidance of their instructors as they build a self-assured and healthy personality.

      Mr Matthew and Ms Rose, the teachers from G1, shared with us the wishes of teachers and students for the new school year: “ G1 wish from us as teachers is that students feel that they belong in school, that they feel happy and safe to come to learn and that they grow more independent as the year goes on. Students wishes is that they understand our school routines and work hard to achieve the best that they can in both academics and social interactions with others”.

      Yew Wah believes that students, parents and the school are mutually supportive educational partners with a common mission and responsibility. To encourage students to strive for excellence, each student and the school solemnly sign the Success Charter, pledging to fulfil the corresponding responsibilities, and ceremoniously display the Success Charter in a prominent place in the classroom. Let's look forward to their growth together.


      Secondary Department

      With quiet reading and lively discussions, the first week of school is much busier for the secondary students than for the younger students. They get into the learning mode more quickly. Combining perseverance, enthusiasm and creativity, the Lower Secondary school students are more clearly aware of their interests and ideas, and share their views openly with their Chinese and Western teachers. The teachers act as learning guides, providing academic support while always marvelling at the inspiration they receive from the students. As the students keep an open heart and mind when learning, they will achieve greater heights and achieve their set goals.

      Outside of the regular classes, students are busy with a wide range of campus activities such as art, drama, spring orchestra and school teams. Mr Franscios, the Secondary LC Coordinator, expressed his ardent expectations for students “A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships, and new challenges. The slate is clear and anything can happen. When we come to school we should remember that, education doesn't just make us smarter it makes us whole”. Yew Wah aims to educate the whole person and to nurture students to become leaders, confident, cheerful, collaborative, honest and responsible pillars of society.


      We wish all students a fruitful and joyful year in the new school year!