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    YWIES New Students Welcomed at Campus Kick-off Events

    School News

    06 Sep, 2022

    16 : 25

    • Welcoming new families to campus is a highlight YWIES Beijing looks forward to every year. We know we greatly benefit from the infusion of energy, fresh perspectives, and different opinions that new families bring to our community.


      YWIES Beijing was greatly pleasured to host the new student’s orientation day. The Co-Principals were very excited to say that from that moment new families would become a member of our YW family. For everyone, entering a new school means a new chapter of the life and this will leave one of the most exciting imprints in their memories. It will not only bring valuable opportunities for them to extend their knowledge and skills, to develop new friendships, but also it is a necessary preparation for society.


      On the day of the orientation, the new families learned further about their own classes and teacher’s plans. Teachers have prepared interesting ice breaking activities for students to enhance their understanding of each other. The parents had in-depth communication with the class teachers while handling all the admission procedures for the students.


      The most ceremonial part is to fill in the Wish Form. The Wish Form is a tradition of YWIES Beijing. At the beginning of each year, the students solemnly write down their expectations for the coming year. The teachers keep it on file and analyse the growth of the year with the students at the end of the school year. Some students said they wanted to grow up quickly and some students said they expected their learning achievement. Looking at the students' earnest descriptions of their wishes in the year, we are also expecting their happy smiles one year later. We look forward to students' happy growth and becoming the better versions of themselves in the bilingual learning community that is specially created by and for them at YWIES Beijing.