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    Photo Highlights in May

    School News

    23 Jun, 2023

    16 : 26


      ECE Sports Day

      On May 4th, ECE at YWIES Beijing held its annual sports day in a joyful atmosphere. The competition included fun and diverse activities such as spoon and ball balancing, kangaroo jumping, tug-of-war, long jump in the sandpit, short-distance running, and obstacle courses.


      The most popular activity was the "spoon and ball balancing" race, where the students held spoons and balanced the balls while carefully moving forward. The cheering and applause created a warm and lively atmosphere. Another exciting activity was the "kangaroo jump", where the students wore colourful bags and jumped like kangaroos, challenging their sense of balance.


      The activity with the most cheers was the tug-of-war, where the students lined up on two sides and demonstrated their spirit of unity and cooperation by pulling the rope with all their might. Each small face had "seriousness" written on it. It was worth mentioning that the teachers accompanied the students throughout the entire competition, constantly encouraging them to accept the challenge and do their best, making every child feel successful and happy.


      In the end, each child received a medal obtained through their own efforts. With the companionship of their teachers and classmates, they spent a joyful and dynamic sports day together.


      BDA Football Match

      From May 8th and 11th, G3 & G4 football team at YWIES Beijing was invited to participate in the inter-school football match in the BDA. This was not only a competition to showcase the spirit of football participation, but also an opportunity to improve the students' physical fitness and team awareness.


      During preparation, students practiced on both PE classes and football CCA, and developed practical plans based on their own characteristics. The students mastered basic football skills such as passing, receiving, and shooting, and learned tactical strategies from the coaches on how to defend and cooperate with others.


      During the match, the Yew Wah football team performed excellently, actively attacking and defending decisively, bringing a fantastic performance to the audience. On the field, actions such as steals, passes, and shots were continuous, with several successful steals and accurate passes that earned cheers from the audience. Although faced with many difficulties and challenges during the match, the students did not back down but rather motivated themselves to overcome the obstacles together. The girls also went from timid to actively charging into the fray, as football coach John put it, "becoming more and more skilled in the football sense."


      This invitational tournament was not only an opportunity for the students to showcase their abilities but also a journey of teamwork, spirit of hard work, and growth. We look forward to the Yew Wah football team being more proactive in future competitions, continuously improving their skills and qualities, and bringing glory to the school!


      ECE K5 Parent-Child Swimming Competition

      On May 18th, a grand Parent-Child swimming competition was held in the swimming pool for the K5. The students demonstrated their personal swimming skills through events such as freestyle and kickboard races, along with creative Parent-Child competitions including blindfolded walking, tire pushing, and underwater treasure hunting.


      The parents' team included fathers, mothers, grandparents, as well as older sisters and brothers, all of whom worked together to cheer on the children. In the blindfolded race, parents and children cooperated closely and whispered instructions to guide the parents moving forward in the water. The tire pushing competition tested the parents' underwater skills. The most exciting competition was the underwater treasure hunt, where parents led their students into the water to find hidden items at the bottom of the pool within a specified time. Parents happily expressed that they hadn't played so happily with their children in a long time.


      All participants in the competition were full of enthusiasm and energy. Children and parents challenged themselves in swimming, overcoming feelings of fear and unease. This Parent-Child swimming competition not only helped improve the physical fitness and swimming skills of the children, but also strengthened the interaction and feelings between families. The swimming coach took this opportunity to introduce the teaching objectives and content of the compulsory swimming course starting from K5 to the parents. Through such a unique activity, the K5 provided a platform for community parents to showcase their love and communication with their family members, promoting a good atmosphere of social co-construction and school-family cooperation.


      Children’s Day Activities

      On May 27th, YWIES Beijing held an interesting Children's Day celebration. Children and parents from both the ECE and Primary attended the event and spent a pleasant day together.


      The campus was decorated warmly and filled with a joyful atmosphere. Parents accompanied their children to participate in various games and interactive activities, creating a lively ambiance together. On the day of the event, children could enjoy many interesting activities, including clown performances, face painting, handicraft making, ring toss, archaeological excavation, hand and foot coordination games, fishing, and cotton candy making.


      The children happily expressed that their favourite activities were the pool activities, clown performance, and cotton candies. They could enjoy exciting games with friends in the pool. The clowns surprised the children with their props and actions. The cotton candies satisfied their little desires with the sweet taste.


      During the event, parents played with their children, making them feel the warmth and love of the family. At the same time, parents also gained a better understanding of their children's interests and needs. This event created a happy and unforgettable memory for the children and left the parents very satisfied.


      Ms Caterina, one of the teachers from the Children's Day event committee said: "It is gratifying to see students and parents join this happy event together. The Children's Day celebration reminds us educators to cherish the joy of childhood and promote balanced development between learning and life."