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    Using AI to innovate education and cultivate students with technological literacy

    School News

    23 Jun, 2023

    16 : 33

    • In a rapidly changing world, it is essential for schools to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. One area that is gaining significant attention in the education sector is Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a leading international school in Beijing, Yew Wah International Education School of Beijing (YWIES Beijing) has recognized the importance of integrating AI into its practices and curriculum. In this article, we will explore how YWIES Beijing is preparing its students for the future through the integration of AI.


      Policy Guidelines for AI

      At YWIES Beijing, we understand that AI is a powerful technology that can have both positive and negative impacts on society. To ensure that the school is using AI in an ethical and responsible manner, our foundation has created policy guidelines for AI. These guidelines are designed to help teachers and students understand the potential risks associated with AI and develop strategies to mitigate these risks. By following these guidelines, we hope to create a safe and responsible environment for the use of AI at our school.


      Summer Camp Focusing on AI

      To give all our students an opportunity to learn about AI, not just those studying computer science, YWIES Beijing is running a summer camp focusing on AI. The camp is open to all students from Grade 8 and above enrolled in any international school/program. It aims to provide hands-on experience with AI technologies. During the camp, students will work in teams to design and train their own AI models. They will also learn about the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI and discuss the potential impact of AI on society. By participating in this camp, students will become more familiar with AI technologies and better prepared for a future where AI is becoming increasingly important.


      Ongoing Teacher Training

      To ensure that our teachers have the skills and knowledge necessary to teach AI effectively, YWIES Beijing provides ongoing training for all staff members. This training covers topics such as the basics of AI, how to incorporate AI into lesson plans, and ethical considerations surrounding AI. By providing this training, we aim to create a team of teachers who are confident and competent in teaching AI to students.


      Non-Academic Staff Training

      All non-academic staff at YWIES Beijing, including support staff and administrators, are also receiving training in AI. This training is designed to help these staff members understand the potential impact of AI on their roles and to identify areas where AI can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By involving all staff members in the integration of AI at our school, we aim to create a culture that embraces and understands the role of technology in education.


      Focus Groups Involving all Stakeholders

      为了确保在耀华北京校区的 AI 整合满足所有利益相关者的需求,我们设立了跨机构的聚焦小组。

      To ensure that the integration of AI at YWIES Beijing meets the needs of all stakeholders, focus groups have been set up across the foundation. These focus groups involve parents, students, teachers, and administrators and provide an opportunity for feedback and discussion on the use of AI at our school. By involving all stakeholders in the decision-making process, we aim to create a school community that is supportive of the integration of AI in education.


      In conclusion, YWIES Beijing is committed to integrating AI into its practices and curriculum. Our policy guidelines for AI, summer camp focusing on AI, ongoing teacher training, non-academic staff training, and focus groups involving all stakeholders demonstrate our dedication to creating a safe, responsible, and effective learning environment for our students. By embracing AI, YWIES Beijing is preparing our students for a future where AI will play an increasingly important role in society. As such, YWIES Beijing is the best school to future proof your children and prepare them for a world where technology is rapidly advancing.