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    Study Trip - A journey to gain knowledge and experience care

    School News

    05 Jul, 2023

    11 : 14

    • What is a Study Trip? 

      For teachers, Study Trips are a valuable educational opportunity that allows students to go beyond textbooks and explore different cultures and histories, as well as experience new ways of life. More importantly, through this approach, students have more opportunities for personal growth, developing independence, and problem-solving skills. 


      For students, Study Trips are a fun and exciting journey. During the trip, they can get to know their classmates better, visit scenic spots and historical sites, and experience the inheritance of history and culture. These experiences will have a positive impact on expanding their interests. 


      For parents, Study Trips are a way for children to broaden their views and increase their knowledge. It is also an opportunity for children to stay away from the family environment, live independently and grow. We believe that with the company of peers and guidance of teachers, children can enjoy positive growth beyond family education. 


      Study Trips are an important part of the Yew Wah curriculum and essential experiential education. Through such a journey, students in YWIES Beijing can deepen their understanding of China and increase their respect for different cultures. This year, students had the opportunity to visit magnificent and colourful Chinese scenic spots and experience the profound and splendid Chinese culture. 


      Exploring Lingnan 

      Guangzhou, a city that gathers Eastern and Western cultures. This trip is destined to be a deeply meaningful cultural exploration journey that embodies the concept of "unity of knowledge and action". The lion dance performance made students feel nervous, surprised and joyful at different times, experiencing the beauty of art and the power of life. The tie-dye workshop awakened students' reflection on the relationships between human and nature, human and others, and human themselves. The Kaiping Diaolou and surrounding villages, rice fields, ancient trees and flowing water constitute a unique scenery in the southern region that amazed students. In addition, colourful activities such as Tangkou cycling and cooking competitions also hone students' willpower, team collaboration skills, and practical operation techniques. 


      Teacher Fransicos recalled: "I love to see students grow up in environments outside the classroom. When we travelled by bike, students had the choice of 8 kms or 14 kms. Initially, most students chose the shorter route, but during the journey, they all decided to extend their own challenges. As a member of the team, I also personally felt the collective support and encouragement." Teacher Kylie was also happy to say: "Students were better than we imagined and had strong leadership skills. Lion dance, Kung Fu, Tie-dyeing, cooking, everything was learned with skills. I believe that the trip to Guangzhou will be an unforgettable journey for them." 


      Pursuing Dreams in Suzhou 

      Suzhou, an ancient city with profound cultural heritage and beautiful water scenery, has left a lasting impression on the students. During this trip in Suzhou, students explored the Lion Grove Garden, enjoyed the bonsai of Huqiu Mountain, had their first experience with Kunqu Opera in classical gardens, which enriched their minds; the lecturers explained the historical background of this treasure trove city with incredible eloquence. Suzhou is inclusive and welcoming to all walks of life, with people coming and going from all regions; the comfortable atmosphere is refreshing to the heart and soul, attracting literati and poets to stay. Students gradually integrated into this beautiful city. 


      Teacher Nathan recalled: "I had a very vivid impression of the project completed by the students towards the end of the trip. They had to design a garden in a specific way within a short period of time. The students fully utilized their imagination based on what they learned and saw in these few days, creating beautiful gardens one after another." Teacher Kristin also said: "The students had a great time during the Qufu Opera performance and enjoyed learning about local opera art. The relationship between the students seemed to have improved, and they were able to integrate better into a group." 


      Looking up at the Amazing Mountains 

      Huangshan is a famous natural scenic spot. On the way from Beijing to Huangshan, students followed the brilliant Anhui culture, starting with Huangmei Opera and experiencing the essence of Huizhou through ink painting. The beautiful scenery of Huangshan was fascinating, and making and tasting the delicious Stinky Mandarin Fish was an enjoyable experience for their taste buds. They also visited Tangyue Archway Group, walked through old streets, enjoyed tea at Xie Yudian, and experienced the pink walls and black tiles of ancient buildings. For a few short days, it felt like they travelled through time and felt the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. 


      Teacher Joey recalled: "The students maintained a strong interest in the activities they participated in and the things they encountered. At the beginning, a few students were a bit timid, but they supported each other and decided to persist until the end. Even though they missed their families very much, they never left the group." Teacher Bella said affectionately: "Many warm moments were unforgettable. The students took care of their sick classmates proactively and informed his condition with the teachers at any time, helping him carry things and took care of his meals. The children were really warm, and the teachers were very moved by them." 


      The students walked through beautiful scenery, feeling the power and tranquillity of nature. What they remembered most was the teachers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and the deep friendship that made them feel warm and determined. This is the true part of study trips that people long for! 


      The students happily recalled, "During this study trip, we discovered a side of the teachers that is often not visible in class - some were witty and funny, some were calm and quick-witted, and some were patient and meticulous. The serious teachers in the classroom became very approachable during the study trip. In the days without parents around, the teachers were like our family and good friends. We never thought we could have such fun conversations with our teachers and didn't realize they were so talented." Looking back, everyone realized they had never noticed the strengths and talents of others, and they all marvelled at this beautiful experience of discovering each other. 


      The teachers also reminisced about the various stories from the study trip, marvelling at how it brought teachers and students closer, grew together, and made them feel the love and warmth between people. They said, "These precious experiences will always remain in our memories, inspiring us to face future challenges with more courage, and making us more convinced that the emotional connection between teachers and students is the most important support on our growth journey." 


      Parents expressed their gratitude to the teachers. Representatives of the parents said, "Through our children's descriptions, we realized how much effort the teachers put in. They cared for the students as if they were their own children, which moved us deeply. We truly felt the care and attention that the teachers gave to each student, the good teacher-student relationship, and meaningful interactions between them, allowing everything learned by the students to fall into place." 


      Life is about reading books and traveling, experiencing different cultures and feeling unique scenery. The gentle breeze brushes through every scenic spot the students passed, and the light rain moistens every story the students reminisce. The beautiful scenery, human touch, and landscapes left the students intoxicated and unforgettable. The teachers' meticulous care and love permeated everyone's hearts. Study trips are a stage full of challenges, and under the support and encouragement of the teachers, the students exuded confidence and courage. Even timid students began to show their strengths and abilities and rediscovered their inner world. The teachers showed their love for the students with practical actions, allowing each student to gain a lot and feel the warmth of the group during this study trip.