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    Yew Wah Students Shines in Their First International Geography Competition and Achieves Outstanding Results!

    School News

    04 Jul, 2023

    21 : 47

    • The students at YWIES Beijing Yizhuang have recently participated in the IGB National Round in Shanghai during the Labour Holiday, where students demonstrated their skills and knowledge on geography-related topics, and brought home a total of 18 medals. 


      On the first day of the competition, students were tasked with writing an essay on one of three geography-related topics and explaining how geographic knowledge can be used to solve a real-life problem. Afterward, students participated in the Geoguesser challenge, which was filled with excitement and energy as they nervously guessed cities based on provided clues. Lastly, students had the opportunity to choose a country and showcase its unique customs and culture at the mini Geography Fair. Beautiful exhibits and a variety of cultural performances captivated numerous viewers' attention. 


      On the second and third day of the competition, students were tested on their general knowledge during the IGB quiz bee, which consisted of three rounds with 25 questions each. With limited time to answer, students had to be quick on their feet and buzz in to respond. The exciting and intense competition was unforgettable! The final event was the Geography show, where students enthusiastically showcased their acting skills by portraying historical geographical events, truly immersing the audience in the thrilling moments! 


      The medals were awarded based on various challenges and activities that took place throughout the event. The Geography Fair proved to be particularly fruitful for our students, with 3 Gold and 3 Bronze medals awarded for showcasing a country's unique customs and culture. 


      The Geoguesser challenge was no easy feat, but our students rose to the occasion and secured 3 Silver medals for their efforts. Another 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals were awarded for the Geo Task Force, which required students to write an essay on a geography-related topic and explain how geographic knowledge can be used to solve a real-life problem. 


      Our students also demonstrated their quick thinking and general knowledge during the Quiz Bee, where they secured an additional 3 Bronze medals. It was evident that they had put in a great deal of effort and preparation for the competition! Let’s watch the students’ sharing. 


      As the leader of the team to Shanghai, Mr DeWet passionately shared his experience: the competition is a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge on a grand stage and exchange competition with more outstanding peers. What impressed him the most was the geography exhibition. Finally, the Geography Show provided a platform for our students to showcase their acting skills and creativity by portraying a geographical event of historical importance. It was a fantastic experience for everyone involved, and we couldn't be prouder of our students' achievements and hard work. Congratulations to all! 


      The excellent academic achievements of the students cannot be achieved without the great support from the Humanities teachers, Mr DeWet and Ms Shao. We interviewed these two teachers and let's take a look at their feelings together. 


      Question 1: How did YW teachers help students to get prepared? 

      Mr DeWet: Students prepared through intensive afterschool CCA lessons, the information taught in the curriculum and their own hard work and determination. 

      Ms Shao: We conducted deeper knowledge penetration during class and CCA time, and required students to prepare their own group topics for presentation and critique. Before the competition, I led the students to analyse the topics of each group and provided them with substantive suggestions, such as ideas for creating models, designing posters, and considerations when presenting projects. 

      Question 2: What skills do you think is the most important for students to participate into the IGB? 

      Mr DeWet: The most important skills to perfect or improve are general knowledge of geographic features and events, critical thinking and teamwork. 

      Ms Shao: IGB has high expectations for students' holistic qualities, including focus and responsibility, self-learning ability, leadership, and speech skills. 

      Question 3: How IGB will affect our students? 

      Mr Dewet: The events can help develop the skills and knowledge mentioned above; Receiving recognition in a national or international competition can boost their self-confidence and encourage students to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.  

      Ms Shao: Students had the chance to feel the excellence and differences of students from other schools across the country through IGB, inspiring their enthusiasm for learning, particularly in geography. Many students have been more enthusiastic in the class and they have started reading more geography materials. Their critical thinking skills have also been improved significantly.