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    Understanding, Sharing and Integration, YWIES Beijing’s Teachers are Ready for the New Year

    School News

    06 Sep, 2022

    16 : 18

    • We believe that each member of our learning community is a unique individual with innate talents and abilities that should be nurtured so they can develop to their fullest potential.


      We apply the same logic to our teachers that we do to all members of our learning community. Thus, before school begins while others are still enjoying the last heat of summer, the teachers at Yew Wah returned to campus to ensure they are fully prepared to serve the students of YWIES Beijing come September.


      Enhancement by New Power


      As we offer a unique model of education based on project-based learning taking place in bilingual learning communities, new teachers to the campus require a great deal of specialised training to ensure they can enact our tailored programs. Over the course of two weeks teachers are introduced to the specific requirements of our bilingual learning community teaching model. From the cross-disciplinary planning and project design to the detailed and structured assessment models.


      As we operate a highly student-centred approach teachers must become experts in the ORR approach ensuring that the curriculum can follow an emergent model based on student interests. This allows us to trigger students’ innate curiosity and bring learning to them at the peak of their readiness. From ECE to Secondary we are focused on putting the student at the centre and ensuring their developmental needs are addressed as well as engaging them in a rigorous academic curriculum.



      Student-centered Collaboration


      Just as we believe that each child is unique, our teaching is always centered on the real needs of students. In the preparation sections, the teachers in each subject made annual long-term plans; the cross-subject teachers in each grade discussed the comprehensive implementation plan; the leaders guided the differentiate teaching and evaluation rules. Chinese and Western principals led teachers to think deeply about how to truly teach students according to their aptitude through analyzing individual needs, clarifying teaching objectives, formulating teaching plans, designing teaching activities, and providing individual assistance.


      As a truly international campus, the Western teachers of YWIES Beijing come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. More than half of the Chinese and Western teachers hold Master's degrees, and 60% of the teachers have more than 10 years of teaching experience. We can truly say we are ready to make 2022-23 the best year ever on YWIES Beijing’s unique and extensive education park campus.