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    Last week, YWIES Beijing Yizhuang Campus was transformed into a destination for "celebrities"

    School News

    23 Jun, 2023

    16 : 37

    • Harry Potter, Disney's princesses, Alice, Queen of Spades, The Joker, Le Petit Prince, Peppa Pig, and even Ultraman came to school.


      What was happening on the campus?

      In fact, the English Reading Week has been held at YWIES Beijing Campus. Teachers and children dressed up as characters from their favourite books and participated in the activities of English Reading Week. It was a collision of culture and knowledge, reality and spirit; and the highlights were even more than this. Let’s hear from the library teacher Ms. Carrie and our English Coordinators Mr. Hillel and Ms. Jasmine for more details:


      It begins: Bookmark/Book Bag Design

      The theme of this year's English Book Week is "Reading, Growth, Exploration". We began the program weeks in advance, teachers invited all students to participate in design competitions. The K5-G3 participated in the bookmark design, while the G4-G9 participated in the book bag design. 


      After students finished their designs, all teachers and students, including parent volunteers, from K2 to G9 participated in the vote. Ten bookmark designs and five book bag designs were selected to make cultural and creative products. The library teacher, Ms. Carrie made creative peripherals as souvenirs and distributed them to every student, parent and teacher during the English Reading Week. It makes a spectacular scene when all the products were placed in the library.


      Dress Up Parade

      Due to all the activities going on and the growth of our community it’s a special occasion when we can gather for a whole school assembly with all the students present across ECE to Grade 9. There were some creative costumes worn by the students as well as an opportunity for Homeroom representatives to share their speaking skills to tell everyone some interesting facts and information about their homeroom door decoration. It was also a great opportunity for parents to be involved and share some fun and creative performances.


      Author Visit

      Master Plaster, who is a story telling magician, was invited to YWIES Beijing Yizhuang campus. He gave the students an interactive story reading session, and this gave an opportunity for students from ECE to Grade 9 to learn about the writing process in a fun and magical way. Giving students the opportunity to interact with authors can help develop a passion not only for reading and writing, but for other subjects like science or music.


      Door Decoration Contest

      Each class choose a favourite book or series and decorated their door to represent it. Teachers brought students to vote on other classes based on creativity and execution. This gave Homeroom classes the chance to show their collaborative skills by working together to decorate their homeroom door, as well as allowing them to show others around the school their favourite English book. G4 students inspired by the "Tangled" They have used cotton to be the cloud, and coloured paper to depict butterflies and Rapunzel. The most creative part is that they have used soft coloured paper to depict the princess's long hair.


      Book Fair

      Book Fair is a magical and unforgettable experience where all students can become readers。The lobby on the first floor of the school building was filled with a variety of books, and the children could choose among them. The students say they can find the perfect books to match their interests.


      A student from G6 said, "We saw the book ' Sternstunden der Menschheit:Vierzehn historische Miniaturen' at the Book Fair. It’s quite interesting to read. I can see the silhouettes of the history of various countries. Some scenes in the book are quite dramatic that I don't feel like they really happened.”


      Shared reading

      Students across the school had the opportunity to visit the library and classrooms to share their favourite English books and read with younger students. A student from G9 was illustrating what the B-612 planet looks like to a G5 students.


      It has been a fruitful English Reading Week that the students from ECE to Secondary School were all able to participate in. Each student had various opportunities to participate in reading-related activities. The stories, characters, personalities, lives, and genres of books can be understood through these activities.


      YCYW is committed to developing children's abilities in a multi-dimensional and creative way from their interests. Our teachers help students to learn and respect the languages and cultures around the world through books, and they can be proficient in Chinese and English.