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    How can our children be more active? This word used by YWIES help our young learners to feel and practice concretely.

    School News

    02 Mar, 2023

    11 : 51

    • When it comes to learning, we think of Chinese and mathematics. But in fact, Yew Wah also values children's mental health and emotions. Caterina and Tessa, the teachers of the Character Development shared with us the lessons they conducted.


      Step 1: Manage and express emotions

      Caterina and Tessa encouraged every student to be able to express themselves bravely, whether it is joy or sorrow. We want to build an open class environment so that everyone could say what they want to share.


      The students stood back to back in pairs and began to share: "I am very happy when I received the gift, I have received a wonderful gift, it was a music box. When you open it, there will be music playing." Everyone shared the moment when they felt "worried, proud, angry...". The back-to-back design eliminates the barriers between each other, and also allows many shy students to overcome the tension of face-to-face speech. Everyone opens their hearts and confides their hearts.


      We shared some other examples and asked students to analyze:


      The teacher and the students discuss the saying 'Neighbors go along with your virtue and goodness.' Everyone began to scramble to answer "Teacher, I know virtue", "Virtue is the goodness we have", The teacher saw a classmate raise his hand and say that he knew the meaning of this sentence." Teacher, virtue is a good thing. If we have virtue and show our goodness, other people will feel it. We will have friends, so will not be alone.


      Step 3: Division of roles and participation

      As class management gradually got on track, Tessa and I started to let our students to manage their class. We have different class leaders in the class. There are class leaders of queues, cabinets, whiteboards, and various disciplines. During the epidemic, we also have class leaders with masks. Everyone performs their own duties and manages the class in an orderly manner. Our most commendable class leaders are Cherry and Mia, who speaks out loud when students are queuing. They ensure that all 22 students in the team hear the instructions and execute, which has been praised by teachers of various subjects.


      Yew Wah teachers hope our children to be more than just academically excellent. They can also obtain excellent characters and emotions in life. Therefore, YCYW pays special attention to the development of children's character and mental health.


      Yew Wah also pays attention to establishing a good relationship between teacher and student. Teachers focuses on children's individual development and personality. YCYW teachers are always ready to help children to grow up in a healthy and positive environment from an early age.